22s by 2s

QIC: Sidekick
Date: 07/25/2018
PAX: Early Bird, Prosciutto, Threeskin
AO: Beast Ridge


70 Degrees and muggy.  perfect weather

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  I am not a professional.  Modify where needed.  lets get better


SSH IC X 20, Third Grade Exercises IC X 15, Imperial Walkers IC X 17, Little baby Arm Circles IC X 10, Reverse IC X 10, Shoulder Press IC X 20.  Mosey to the pavilion.  

The Thang

22s by 2s is basically like 11s, just more reps.  I combined that with more running than 11s typically has.  I think it turned out great
Title of exercises or routine
Start with 22 Derkins, run the course.  In this case, we ran to the third tree down the lot and back, which was about 0.15 mile.  2 LBC, run the course.  20 Derkins, run the course.  4 LBC, run the course.  Rinse and repeat until the Derkins and the LBC are flopped.
End result was 132 Derkins and 132 LBC, with a 5K or 3.13 miles.  Pace turned out to be about 12:10 with the exercises included.


Fellowship.  Was great to have some company this Wednesday and I appreciate the guys making the effort.  EB pulled an all nighter at the hospital and endured the beat down in scrubs!  AYE!!


VQ ALERT!!! Monday 7/30/18

Upcoming Qs

Three Skin (VQ) on Monday 7/30 @ BR, Fissure on Wednesday 8/1 @ BR