QIC: Picasso
Date: 07/26/2018
PAX: Leftovers, Mr. Clean
AO: The Huey


A cool 68 degrees Fahrenheit

The Disclaimer

F3 is a peer led workout. Please don’t attempt to sue us if you get hurt. You are here on your own free will. If for any reason you become injured or fall ill, we will help provide support.


Ssh x 10
Forward facing lean x 20 seconds
Baby arm circles x 15. Reverse
Shoulder press x 15
Butterflies x 15
Mekins x 10
Plank x 10
Ssh x 10
Mountain climbers x 10
Calf stretch x 15 sec each leg
Calf reach x 10 second each leg

The Thang

Merkin x 20 across picknic tables
Plank x 20 sec. across picknic tables
Single leg Assisted squats on picknik table
Right Side plank x 20 sec. across picknic tables
plank with flying plane arm x 10 each arm
Left side plank X 20 sec. across picknic tables
Standing bird x 20 sec each leg
Lunges x 10 each leg
Bernie Sanders across parking lot
Warrior pose x 10 seconds
Bernie Sanders across parking lot
Warrior pose x 10 seconds
Sprint x 20 sec
Sprint x 20 sec
Plank around the thunderdome
Bear crawls
Swing hollow body holds x 20 sec.
hollow body holds x 20 sec
Superman’s x 20 sec
Sea Turtles x 20 secs


Good enough is the new perfect. Life cannot be lived as one giant positive affirmation.
It shouldn’t be lived in a constant search for something, and certainly not for “success.” And it can’t be lived in a running away from those things that are hard to deal with.
Life must be lived in moments that we attempt to bring some balance to—a series of moments in which fear and hope, sorrow and happiness (happily) co-exist and we are content to allow them to, without always seeking more, without running away, without judging ourselves.
Good enough doesn’t have to mean settling, just as balance doesn’t have to be boring.
Good enough is about recognizing that life is practiced rather than perfected.
Balance is good enough because to experience sheer exhilaration, we must know the depths of despair. Balance is good enough because life naturally waxes and wanes and we can but choose to enjoy the ride.
Balance levels us between highs and lows—but it doesn’t negate the highs in offsetting the lows. Balance loves the success that lies dormant within failure, without fearing the failure that forms part of success.
Kathy Krueger, Tiny Buddha