Clear Eyes, Full Bodies, Can’t Lose


QIC:  Fissure
Date: 08/11/2018
PAX: Doodles, Geek Squad, ROTCee (FNG Brandon Adcock), The Peddler, Free Candy, The Count (Respect), Sundance, Threeskin
AO: Landfill


Perfect.  Not too long before chilly mornings are upon us.

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  I’m not a professional.  You’re here on your own free will.  Push yourself don’t hurt yourself.  The Count will help you to your car if you tear a hammy (thoughts and prayers, Radiohead).


SSH x 25 IC -> mosey around the upper field coming to a halt at the top of the hill by the rocks.  Staying in a single file line mosey down the hill, then along base of the hill for ten yards and sprint to top of the hill then mosey along top of the hill and back down.  Do this x 4 and we were at the end of the hill -> mosey to dog park area

The Thang

Clear eyes, Full body (well, close to it), Can’t lose
Legs – Slow n low squats IC, Squats IC, Al Gore IC, Lunges IC, Al Gore IC, reverse lunge up path for 50 yards then mosey to middle lot
Chest – Wheel merkin (3), merkins IC, hand release merkins x 20 OYO, wheel o merkin (2), mosey up hill grab coupon and circle up by swings
Shoulders – LBAC IC, reverse IC, cherry pickers IC, Overhead press coupon IC, seal claps IC, hold front raise IC, front raises IC, seal claps, overhead press IC
3 groups of 3 worked through 3 stations.  station 1 = plank swings. station 2 = 8 count bodybuilders.  station 3 = run up hill to soccer goal with coupon and back.  We completed 1 round.
Walk up hill to pavillion each man faced a side of a pillar/post whatever it’s called.  With hands on the wall we did 4 count high knees and held the fourth count for one second.  5 rounds of 30 seconds with 30 second breaks between.
Mosey down the hill to lower pavillion.  Incline pushup on picnic bench plus box jump equals 1 rep.  We did 20 reps.
Mosey to upper pavillion.  Flutterkicks, American hammers.  Done.


I briefly shared about recent experience spreading the good news of F3.  Common response (besides YOU WORKOUT HOW EARLY???) is something about how they used to workout and would love to get that “spark” back.  That “spark” is something different for everyone but there’s no reason to settle for it being gone.  Spread the word fellas.  
Let’s all be praying for The Count’s brother who recently received a tough cancer diagnosis.  May not have much longer.


The Peddler brought his stepson, Brandon, and he worked his tail off.  He’s in Mr. Clean’s class at Red Bank High and was eager to share about JROTC so we named him ROTCee.  


GoRuck Tough in Chattanooga this weekend!
Memphis GrowRuck next month
No Landfill 8.25 – Cam run instead.  Sign up and wear your F3 shirt!