Deck O Death


QIC: Sidekick
Date: 08/22/2018
PAX: Fast lane
AO: Beast Ridge


70 degrees and mostly clear

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  If you get hurt I will help you to your car.  Modify where necessary


Good mornings IC X 10
Alabama Ass kickers IC X 15
Static Lunges X 10 per side
Third Grade Exercises IC X 12
Mosey to the concrete bleachers

The Thang

Desk O Death
Title of exercises or routine
We dealt the pain this morning with the Deck O Death.
Hearts = Big Boy Sit ups
Diamonds = Box jumps
Clubs = Dips
Spades = Derkins
Aces = 10 Burpees
Jokers = Bear Crawl to Midfield and back
Fast lane and I kept a great pace this morning and finished the deck in about 30 minutes.  This left us a little mosey time to get back to the flag.  It was a slow mosey since my calf will not heal.  I am about to try Early bird’s spoon full of mustard trick, then the local honey


Today we discussed F3 and how I got started.  Why did I start? because I was fat and out of shape and my boss wouldn’t leave me alone.  Why did I come back?  because F3 is the only thing that I have ever done that comes close to the camaraderie I enjoyed playing competitive sports.  Why do you continue to attend F3?  F3 brings a sense of accountability, outward focus, and (for me at least) a sense of peace in my relationship with God.  F3 has opened my eyes to the fact that I am not solely responsible for the outcome of my life.  There is a plan for me and I didn’t write it.  That was a completely foreign concept to me 4 years ago.  I worked my tail off, I did all of those good things that got me where I am today.  WRONG.  The World is bigger than what you can control.  God steers the ship, I just try to keep it afloat.  F3 made me realize these things through support and accountability.  God will take care of me and i will take care and support my brothers.  That is why I continue.


My calf hurts.  The end


Cam Run this weekend

Upcoming Qs

Monday – Stairmaster
Wednesday – Sidekick