Daniel’s Lion Den


QIC: Ducktales
Date: 08/22/2018
PAX: Cable Cutter, Candu, Fissure, Geek squad, Ohms, The Count
AO: Lion’s Den

Slight Breeze. and quite… alittle too quite.

The Disclaimer

5:30 we started with some Vila inspired Man Stretching (YOGA!)

Triangle pose, down dog, up dog, back and leg things.

Pre Cam Run RUNNING (“its called jogging, i believe the j is silent”)

ran clockwise around campus, stopped at middle school, working our way to Daniel’s Lion Den

in cadence.
Ran to base of hill to RB Pool
Daniel’s Lion Den
10 light poles go up a 9% grade 50 yards from pole to pole. Sprint from pole to pole. When each man arrived at each pole they had to work their way out of the lions den by doing 5 burpees at each pole. I grunted more than Candu
All downhill from there
Mossied down hill past one of Red Bank’s finest protecting the campus to the Picnic Tables by the cafeteria.
Declined Mericans
We declined 10 plus 1 to grow on.
Mossy to Bleachers
We stayed tight during the longer Mossies, no one got lost.
Box Jumps
Mossy to track
you guest it more running
We mossied around the track until the goal post. then sprinted 100 yards, Touchdown! mossied around to other side of goal post on track. Then sprinted 50 yards, etc until we did 300 yards.
Circle of Abs
Started with flutters, then LBC, American Hammers, etc until each Man lead an ab exercise.




The inspiration was Daniel having to hang out in a lions den.


Tennessee Vols will have another amazing football season.

Upcoming Qs

The count tomorrow at Huey.