QIC: The Count
DATE: 23 AUGUST 2018
PAX: Ducktales, Geek Squad, Snowflake
AO: The Huey
CONDITIONS: Cool morning, around 68 Degrees, light breeze, and low humidity
Disclaimer: Disclaimed
COP: Side Straddle Hope, Abe Vigoda’s, Little Baby Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers
The Beat Down:  Each Quarter Mile Lap consisted of 8 Stations.  Between each Station PAX would run together.  First three laps were forward traditional run between stations.  Last lap Bernie Sanders was run between stations.
Station#1- 10 Burpee’s, OYO                                                                                                     Station #2- 10 Squats, IC (4 count)                                                                                         Station #3- 10 Lunges, IC (4 count)                                                                                         Station #4- 10 Emperial Walkers, IC (4 count)                                                                       Station #5- 10 Decline Push Ups, OYO                                                                                                 Station #6- 10 Incline Push Ups, OYO                                                                                                 Station #7- 10 Merkins, IC (4 Counnt)                                                                                                 Station #8- 10 Big Boy Sit Ups, OYO
CIRCLE OF ABS:At the conclusion of the entire mile the PAX circled up and did Round Robin Mary’s. Ducktales led us in Canoe’s, Geek Squad led us in Freddy Mercury’s, Snowflake led us in Heel Touches, and Q led us in American Hammers.
MOLESKIN: Do your best not to judge someone until you have had a chance to walk in their shoes.  It’s easy sometimes to sit back and be a morning quarterback about the past, but before one criticizes or judges another, try to put yourself in their shoes.