Sink or Swim

QIC: Kodak
Date: 09/03/2018
PAX: Snookie, VSquared, Stinger, Best in Show, Fissure, Doodles, Wilson, Leftovers, Tea Party, Vila, Fast Lane, Care Bear, Snowflake, Free Candy, Red Handed, Steam Engine, Early Bird, Candu, Ducktales, Stairmaster, Clone, Back Pew
AO: Hill City


Cool September morning

Work-Out Goal

Primary: Sustained heart rate >120 BPM for ~1 hour.
Secondary: Workout designed to allow participants at any cardio level to push themselves 100% while still being able to continue through all exercises.
Tertiary: Push yourself through being uncomfortable

The Disclaimer

I am Kodak and will be on Q today. I am not a professional. You are here at your own free will. If you get hurt we will get you help. I will try to motivate you under the understanding that you draw the line at your own limitations. We will not leave anyone behind. Swimming is involved in this workout. I have provided PFDs and assigned a partner to watch you during the swim- Swim at your own level/risk.


20 Flutter Kicks IC
20 Air Squats OYO
10 Merkins (4-count) IC
20 Over head Arm press IC
25 Meter High knees, low knees, karaokies
On your Belly, on your back, on your feet (just to get everyone wet)

The Thang

1/4 Mile mosey to rocks
1/4 Mile Mosey (Rock Carry)
Belly, Back, Feet
1/4 Mile Mosey (Rock Carry)
The following was repeated until 2 minutes before end of workout:
Enter Water w/ Partner
1st Partner swims to rope and back while partner watches X2
2nd partner swims to rope X2
“Rock Circuits”
PAX did many different iterations of Bear Crawls, Merkins, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Jog-Sprint-Jogs, and SSHs between rocks.=
5- 25 meter sprints


What do you use for internal motivation to get through pain and discomfort? 
From April-July of 2012 I volunteered to be a Ranger. I had to endure 8 weeks of the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP). I went to this selection knowing I was not in perfect shape- but was going to try my best. I did not realize what I was getting myself into- sleep deprivation until your hallucinating, 2 meals a day, and 80-120 lb Ruck sacks were just the beginning.
The day I decided to quit- was the day I changed my mind set about pain. We had just finished a 16 mile movement and came to our patrol base right outside of a field. We set up the patrol base and within an hour one of our guys assigned to the M-240 Machine Gun on the apex fell asleep. The instructors were in the tree line with night visions goggles and immediately came over. We were instructed to throw on our rucks and step into the field.
For the next two hours we were “smoked.” There was no way to prep yourself for that amount of physical movement. We did 100 meter sprints with our rucks for so long i couldn’t even keep track of time. Next, we started “taking casualties” and guys weren’t allowed to move and could only be carried. It was by far the hardest I was ever pushed.
There was a moment where I found myself carrying my ruck on my back, a “casualty’s” ruck on my front, and a “casualty” on top of my ruck across my shoulders. This went on for a few minutes before I mentally broke. Quitting had been in my head all day and finally it was time to accept that I wasn’t going to be a Ranger. I began heading over to the medic tent to let them know I was done when another member in the class approached me. He was more of an acquaintance than a friend- but he showed me his Killed In Action (KIA) bracelet of a friend he had lost on a previous deployment. He told me, “My friend and his family want you to know how much they would give for him to feel the pain you are feeling right now.”
I didn’t quit.
That moment has stuck with me since then and has taken me through some of the worst times in my life. So again I want to ask you-
What is your internal motivation for pushing through pain and discomfort?
“I accept the fact that as a Ranger, my country expects me to move further, faster, and fight harder than any other soldier.”
-Portion of 2nd stanza of Ranger Creed.