No Glove, No Love

QIC: Whittler
Date: 09/05/2018
PAX: Early Bird, Fast Lane, Sidekick
AO: Beast Ridge


Balmy to say the least

The Disclaimer

I’m not a professional, this workout is free, yada yada


A bit of a different warm up as QIC decided to make this a moving warm up. 
Mosey for 1 minute and 15 seconds followed by:
SSH x 20
3rd grade exercises x 15
Merkin x 10
Body builders x 5 OYO
Repeat 4 more times, alternating the stretching exercise, at which time we reached our destination
We then did an Infinity Plank with high plank, low plank, Side Planks, Plank Jacks, and mountain climbers

The Thang

The Beast is clearly a glove-free zone so we worked on building those calluses on the asphalt
No Glove, No Love
Beginning on one curb, each PAX performed Inchworm Merkins to the other curb, performed 25 American Hammers, then lunged back to do 25 Flutter kicks
Round 2 – Bear crawl down, 25 AH, lunge back for 25 FK
Round 3 – Inchworm merkin, 25 AH, lunge back, 25 FK
Round 4 – Merkin roll down, 25 AH, lunge back, 25 FK
We then began our mosey back, stopping midway to do Good Mornings and Heel stretches
Once back at the parking lot, we had enough time for some Mary
LBC x 20
Heel touches x 15
Reverse Pickle Pounder x 10
Freddy Mercury x 15
Hello Dolly x 15
Pretzel Crunch x 20
Over and out.


We all had places to be this morning so the COT was short.  After the “O-ramas”, my WOD was to encourage everyone to run their own race.  We often focus on pleasing others or doing what seems right to others and we forget to stay true to ourselves.  Don’t worry about what other people think.  Work to earn the acceptance of your Creator, your family, and yourself.  We can do this by running our own race instead of someone else’s race. 
We proceeded to acknowledge those in need of prayer including Ohms’ FIL, EB’s return to work, Whittler’s smooth sale of his house in Germantown, and all the unspoken requests.


Lots of commentary regarding the lack of gloves among the HIM involved today.  Gloves have become the Scarlet Letter of Beast Ridge.  That being said, I had to take several breaks typing this up because my hands hurt.  And there may be glass in them.


No news is good news?

Upcoming Qs

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September 8 – Sidekick with his Landfill VQ