The Red Bank Relay

QIC: @canduf3
Date: 09/12/2018
PAX: Geek Squad, Goose, Ohms, & Prosciutto
AO: The Lions’ Den

Conditions: just right

The Disclaimer: disclaimed


SSH x 15 IC
Slow Good Morning Sunshine x 15 IC
Abe Vigoda Slow Windmill x 15 IC
Finkle Swing x 15 each leg w/ partner
SSH x 15 IC
One Legged Bulgarians x 10 each leg OYO
Slow Squat x 15 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Slow Lunge x 15 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Merkins x 15 IC
LB Arm Circles x 15 IC
Reverse LB Arm Circles x 15 IC
Shoulder Presses x 15 IC

The Thang – Red Bank Relay

4 Stations in the relay > Each Pax On A Station
Stations: 1 Lap Around Track, Dips, Horizontal Pull-ups/Chin-ups, Decline/Incline Merkins
Stations change when running Pax returns. Baton passed to each runner. Cool light up baton, to boot!
Rinse & Repeat x 3 w/ intermittent 10 counts when Candu was sucking too much wind
Group Mosey 1 time around the track
Cooldown on our 6s –  Flutterkicks x 30 IC > Ankle Touches x 30 IC


Today’s Excerpt from Jesus Is Calling
Cliffnotes: Sitting quietly and trusting Him is the best was to receive His peace.
Candu Takeaway: Spending a few minutes before F3 to get good w/ God can go a long way. I candu it if I put my mind to it, canu?


Light Up baton was definitely the coolest part of the workout


Why all the line break in the COP section? They always insist….

Upcoming Qs

Prosciutto on Lions’ Den Q the following week > BE THERE