Man of Means by no means….

QIC: Sidekick
Date: 09/19/2018
PAX: Fast Lane, Jabooti, Peanuts
AO: Beast Ridge


70 degrees and mostly clear

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  I am not a professional.  Modify if necessary.  Push yourself and have fun


SSH ICX20, Broga – Forward Fold – Pike – Up dog – Pike – Up Dog – Pike – walk in and stand, 3rd Grade Exercises ICX15, Baby Arm Ciclres – Reverse – Cherry Pickers – Shoulder Press – All ICX10, Imperial Walkers ICX15, SSH ICX15

The Thang

King of the Road
We needed to travel today so we set off on our mosey.  Jabooty wanted to bring his car, I told him no.  I had planned for a few stops along the way to do some exercises.
1st stop – Bath house – “Armchair Quarterback” – Wall sit and then side shuffle to the end of the wall (that’s the chair); Balls to the wall and hand walk to the other end of the wall (that’s the arm).  We did this twice.  Quarterback comes from the refund the PAX wanted since they did not want to do this part of the beat down.  Kudos to Fast Lane for gutting it out and finishing
Mosey to far pavilion
2nd stop – Pavilion – This pavilion has a lot of nice heavy tables. So, naturally we need to pick them up.  1st – Derkins ICX10; 2nd – calf raises with coupon (table) ICX15; 3rd – Bent over rows with coupon (table) ICX15; 4th – Reverse Inverse Lat pulls with coupon (table) ICX10; 5th – Dips – ICX20
Mosey to Bass Pro
3rd Stop – Ab work – LBC ICX20; Spongeman ICX10; Supermans with left and right lean
At this point I was asked if I would go back and get the car and come pick them up.  Again, I said No.
Mosey back to flag
Overall trip was 2.5 miles


COT today was about doing things that we are not comfortable with.  I pointed out that we were all middle age-ish, all overweight-ish, all out of shape-ish, and weren’t built for running.  So, how do we get better??  Run.  Life is the same way.  We must face things that we are not great at or comfortable with and get better.


Jabooti like to talk like he can’t hang, but he can.  Don’t let him fool you guys.  Although he and Peanuts were allergic to the balls to the wall.


10/13 Training Day

Upcoming Qs

Kodak at Hill City Thursday 
Flag Football at the land fill Saturday