3 is a Magic Number

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 09/19/2018
PAX: Candu, The Count (Respect), Goose, Gamecock (Willy Loman), Fissure
AO: Lions Den


A slight nip in the air – mid to upper 60s. Goose was saying it felt “perfect” by his standards. I really couldn’t agree more.  Fall is very near. All everythang pumpkin is haunting and delightful at the same time.

The Disclaimer

Delivered with half gusto. Explained that we’d stretch but to modify and not do anything you couldn’t do.


To start the warm-up – two quick laps around the 400m track to the sweet tune of “Turbulence” (Steve Aoki & LIL JON — WHAT!???!)
Dynamic Stretch Routine
Plank-o-rama (staying in plank position):
Bear Hold Flow (Bro-ga stuff)
Plank x 10 IC
Plank & Point x 5 IC [Rinse/Repeat x 3 for both sides]
ST Merkins x 10 IC
Carolina Dry Dock x 10 IC
Plank x 10 IC
Plank & Kick-out x 10 IC [R/R x 2]
Moon Gods x 5 IC [R/R x 3 for both sides]
Mommy Makers x 11 IC
Shovel Flag Burpee Penalty
1 more 400m run/lap

The Thang

So, as a kid, I loved the old shows of School House Rock [nerd alert]. Several years ago, I found a rendition of one of their songs by Blind Melon and thought that incorporating it into a routine consisting of:
3 minutes of

3 exercises with

3 reps of each exercise

performed 3 times

to a 3 minute song…

In my head, I figured it would be…. “fun”. It was… anything but.

And so, the school house rock song, as luck would have it, is just over 3 minutes.  It felt like fate was slamming on the gas and encouraging me to be creative.  And so, it goes…

“The 3”
Non-stop movements OYO; as you complete the 3 reps, move on to the next exercise and then repeat as many times as possible until song ends
First play:
1) SSH x 3, Squat x 3, Monkey Humpers x 3
At song’s end, 400m run
Second play:
2) Mtn Climb x 3, Plank Jack x 3, Merkin x 3
At song’s end, 10 count

Third play:
3) LBC x 3, Leg Lifts x 3, BBSU x 3
At song’s end, 10 count
Pretzel x 10 IC


Given the time between the last time YHC led a workout in the gloom here (well…there was that one time, though, at the beach in July when YHC led a down-range workout with Whittler & Fissure), it gave me great pleasure to remind the guys how much I appreciate them and the impact F3 has made upon my life. I mentioned the crazy summer my family and I had and the support from my brothers. It was similar to what I said on June 18th when I q’d at the Landfill, last.
Calling to mind the importance of F3, I found a few things recently that I kept laying around as a reminder.
“Nothing is more important than the relationships you build.  No one succeeds on their own (this includes: School, Athletics, Business, Friendships, Family, etc). It’s all about the relationships you build and maintain.  Simply, you need others & OTHERS NEED YOU.
With that in mind, and with the recent 3-minute routines, I suggested that they all should now really know what 3 minutes feels like. So, the challenge was to reach out to people who are special relationships and spend just three minutes with them or talking with them. The end result is likely that you will get more out of the 3 minutes than they did. Either way, you win and they win. Make an impact today. How will you?


Explained the Black-eye I received late last night while singing Rock-a-bye-Baby to my 3 year old daughter.
Willy Loman (“Gamecock”) from Birmingham joined us; he’s basically one of us! Keeps joining the F3 Chattanooga gloom. Great guy even better effort.


-Saturday (9/22) is Flag Football at the Landfill
-October 13 – “Training Day” w/ F3 Nashville; the Nantan’s goal of 35 pax and 5 FNG has been set! Let’s execute and over-deliver!
-Hurricane Florence victims
-The Count’s brother; treatment(s) for cancer

Upcoming Qs

9/20 – Kodak (Hill City)
9/20 – Steam Engine (Huey)
9/21 – Flag Football!