QIC: Sidekick
Date: 10/3/18
PAX: Fast Lane, Jabooti
AO: Beast Ridge


71 and muggy.  Fall will never come

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  I am sore so we will modify all day.


Slow Good Mornings X 10, SSH ICX15, Broga – Forward fold, Pike, Up dog, Pike, Up dog, Pike, Forward fold, Release, Mosey to Soccer field

The Thang

So this is my 5th Q in 6 days at Beast Ridge and I was running short on ideas.  I knew I was sore and Fastlane concurred.  Jabooty just wanted to go home.  So, on the bleachers I had a thought and we went with it.
Basic premise: We start at the bottom of the bleachers with an exercise, then work our way up the bleachers doing leg related exercises.  Once at the top, we repeat the exercise we did on the bottom and go back down the bleachers doing some sort of leg exercise.  Once complete, we slide down to the left and start again.
We did lots of stuff and turned out to be a pretty tough routine.  I will try to summarize as best I can with this, it was fluid to say the least.
Round 1:  10 Ircans, Left leg high knee step ups x 5 per bleacher step, 10 Dercans at the top, Left leg side squat down each bleacher to the bottom.
Round 2: Just like round 1 but with the right leg
Round 3: 10 Ircans, 5 squats with last being a squat jump up the bleacher, per bleacher, 10 Dercans at the top, one legged squats X 5 per leg per step going down.
Round 4: 10 dips, slow exaggerated bear crawl up the bleachers, 10 dips at top, Jump squats down
Round 5: 10 Mercans, turn sideways and put foot on next step up then squat and into a high knee step up X 5, alternate legs on subsequent steps, 10 mercans at top, down hill lunge on way down.
We have now reached the far end of the bleachers, so we take a lap around the soccer field stopping on the benches for a round of Ircans, Dercans and dips X 15 each.
Back at the bleachers, we upped the game a little bit.
Round 6: 10 Mercans and a box jump per bleacher to the top, 10 Dercans and Jump down
Round 7: 10 LBC and a box jump per step, one leg squats coming down
Round 8: 10 American hammers and a high knee per step, squat jumps down
Round 9: 10 dying cockroach and a squat jump per step, walk down
Round 10: 10 Big Boy sit Ups and a box jump per step, stay at the top
Time for another mosey so we took the long way around and stopped at the pavilion for some Dips and Dercans.
Jail Break back to the flag for a HR spike.


Expressed appreciation to the guys for being there with me.  Encouraged them to show appreciation to someone else that day.


MOSQUITO.  All caps because these bastards tried to carry us away.  Holy crap did they eat us alive.  Jabooti actually started wiping his legs off because he thought that was the exercise I was leading.


Training day 10/13

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Vila 10/8
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