QIC: Ohms
Date: 10/17/2018
PAX: Freefall, Picasso, Prosciutto, Radiohead, Snookie, Whittler
AO: Lions Den


Mid 60s with a slight sprinkle of rain..just enough to keep our bodies cool and our clothes wet.

The Disclaimer

I am Ohms. I am on Q this AM. I am not a professional. Push yourselves and modify as you need to.


– SSH x 11 IC
– Cotton Pickers x 11 IC
– Windmills x 11 IC
– Side Lunges x 11 IC
– Forward Luges x 11 IC

The Thang

Fun Lap
– Run 100m
– SSH x 11 IC
– Merkins x 11 IC
– Squats x 11 IC
– LBC x 11 IC
– Rinse & Repeat x 4
Function Fitness
– Incline Merkins x 11 IC
– Coupon Thrusters x 11 OYO
– Coupon Dead Lifts x 11 OYO
– Coupon Swings x 11 OYO
– Burpees x 11 OYO
– Dips x 11 IC
– Pull-Ups x 11 IC
– Box Jumps to top of bleachers
– Mosey 400m (w/ Karaoke & Bernie)
– Rinse & Repeat x 2
– Freddie Mercury x 11 IC
– X’s & O’s x 11 IC
– Sweat Angels x 11 IC


Behave, follow rules, don’t go to jail, and stay away from syphilis.
****see explanation below


– Al Capone was arrested on this day and sentenced to 11 years…also, it should be noted that his cause of death was syphilis…it’s still a mystery to this day where the syphilis was acquired
– Pablo Escobar’s personal hitman (whom of which killed thousands of people) avoided syphilis and got himself out of jail on good behavior. He is now a famous actor on YouTube.
– None of these facts or mumblechatter has anything to do with the workout, but it sure made for some good conversation.

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