Freeball Freeway

QIC: Ohms
Date: 11/08/2018
PAX: Flemish, Free Candy, Peanuts, Picasso, Ringwald, Steam Engine, Sunshine, The Count (RESPECT^2)
AO: Hill City


Clear. Dark. 56 deg F.

The Disclaimer

I am Ohms. I am not a professional. You are here on your own free will. Modify if necessary.


Mosey to Great Hall
– SSH x 15 IC
– Chinooks x 15 IC
– Arm Circles x 15 IC
– Moroccan Night Club x 15 IC
– Merkins x 15 IC
– Squats x 15 IC
– High Knees x 15 IC
– Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
– Prosciutto’s Gold Chain x 15 IC
– LBC x 15 IC
– Burpees x 10 OYO
Mosey to Love Shack to grab Coupons
Freeway Route #1 – Mt. Midoriyama
Start out in front of Mt. Midoriyama
Step 1: Sprint (50yds), Bernie (30yds), Sprint (50yds) around Mt. Midoriyama
Step 2: Merkins x 20 OYO
Step 3: Bench Press x 20 OYO (with Coupon)
Step 4: LBC x 10 IC
Step 5: Run up and down Mt. Midoriyama
Step 6: LBC x 10 IC
Rinse and Repeat all x 2
Freeway Route #2 – Swampy Steps
Start at the top of the Concrete Steps
Step 1: Sprint (50yds), Bernie (30yds), Sprint (50yds) around Mt. Midoriyama
Step 2: Overhead Press x 20 OYO
Step 3: Dips x 20 OYO
Step 4: Incline Merkins x 10 IC
Step 5: Box Jump to the top of the Concrete Steps
Step 6: Freddie Mercury x 10 IC
Rinse and Repeat all x 2


” It does not do well to dwell on dreams…and forget to live ”


– Flemish arrived on time to the workout – 5 minutes early in fact! T-CLAPS!
– Steam fought off a hammy injury and finished the beatdown strong.
– The Count battled through a groin injury and still continued to be beast mode at the beatdown. The Count also does not wear underwear and wants to be renamed Freeball.


F3 Gameday this weekend at the Landfill.

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