Stars and Stripes Forever

QIC: Geek squad
Date: 11/12/2018
PAX: Lugnut, Ducktales
AO: Huey


Clear. Dark. 41 deg F with steady rain

The Disclaimer

I am Geeksquad . I am not a professional. You are here on your own free will. Modify if necessary.


Mosey to The Pavillion
Warmup STARTS with…
S – SSH 25
T – Toe touch (12 each leg)
A – A-kickers IC (12 count)
R – Russian twist /American Hammers (12)
T – Tony Hawk Burpee (10) instead of clap, do 360
S – SSH 25
“The Merkin Mile” Veterans Day Edition
1/4 mile lap around the track then back inside the Pavillion for our beatdown
25 Merkins OYO
75 Air Squats OYO
Rinse and Repeat all x 4
total of 1 mile, 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats


Continuing the Veterans Day theme ”Merica the Beautiful”
M- Merkins
E – E 2 K  – elbow to knee – oblique (15)
R – Reverse situps
I  – imperial Walkers
C – Crunches- LBCs
A – A-kickers


” Success is 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration”  – Thomas Alva Edison


Your Q had a total of 2 hours of sleep, but this Q won’t miss if he has HC’d. Guess I am just wired that way. It was definitely a 90% perspiration kind of morning.
I shared about testimony of a former TN VOL named, Sanford Miller. He was a walk on at the University of Tennessee football program back in 1999. He shared with us about how he was challenged at a young age to work hard at becoming the best he could be and one day he could play college football at a D1 school. He talked about how that became his goal and even though the letters stopped coming, he was determined to play. He walked on to be part of a team and remained on the practice squad for his time at UT. However, he loved being part of a team and how it taught him to push through the hard stuff. He said that he was committed to the encouragement and betterment of his teammates, even if it meant that he might not ever see the field.
I related what he shared to what we are doing at F3. Accountability, encouragement and the commitment to make each other better is really what we are here for! If I can do my part to make others better, like they do for me, that’s the measure of success. It’s not a goal weight, it’s not a number. My focus is not about my personal goals, it is about the team. For me, it is serving others and accountability.
What I have found, is on days like today, the harder days, I learn how important it is to push through the hard stuff. Over my life, I attribute being part of sports teams, work teams and F3, has taught me how to push through life when it gets difficult. When I push through a hard workout, it stretches me and builds the mental toughness needed get through the hard times that come at work, in my family and in my relationship with Jesus Christ.
To God be All the Glory and Praise!
We closed in prayer, thanking God for our Veterans and the freedom we have because of the sacrifice they have made.   We praised God for Ducktales mom’s ongoing healing of cancer. Continued healing of Lugnut’s ankle and for my mother-in-law who is most likely going to have double knee replacement at the beginning of the year.


F3  Launch at Cleveland.  Tinsley Park

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