QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 11/24/2018
PAX: Ohms, Picasso, Radiohead, Snowden (Willy Loman), VSquared, Venus, Whittler
AO: Landfill


40 degrees. Foggy, mucky, and almost a drizzle.

The Disclaimer

Disclaimed. I am not a professional but hope to act professionally.


SSH x15 IC

BAC x15 IC

Reverse x15 IC

Moroccan Night Club x15 IC

Cherry Pickers x15 IC

Overhead Press x15 IC

Finkle Swings x15 OYO

Chuck Norris x15 IC (think Dodgeball not Delta Force)

SSH x15 IC

The Thang

Station Rotation

Divisible 2 – 1st Pax runs up the hill and 2nd Pax completes the assigned exercise station. Flapjack. Rinse and Repeat until “Rotate!!” is called.

1. Merkins – 3 mins

2. Bent Over Rows – 3 mins

3. Tricep Extensions – 3 mins

4. Renegade Rows – 3 mins

5. Shoulder Press – 3 mins

6. Curls – 3 mins

7. Front and Lateral Raises – 3 mins

Tennessee Iditarod Relay

Pax 1 pulls to cones. Flapjack

Pax 2 pulls to cones. Carry rope to next set of cones.

Bear crawl to cones. Complete 5 jump squat high fives.

Jailbreak back to finish.

Next in line goes.

Losers completed an exercise of winners choice. (20 Froggy Jumps)



There was a lot of talking from YHC, to simply say “the brotherhood of F3 is real, it spreads, and it’s needed for every man” special thanks to Ducktails, Whittler, and V-Squared for inspiration this week.



We had an actual BOM despite the “Clean Sweet”
Grown Men are deathly afraid of mud
Whittler and Fissure had surgery on the same day but only one made it out this morning.
On a serious note, Darth Visor was truly an incredible HIM for those he encountered.
Our BOM was dedicated to Darth Visor, his family, and his brothers of F3 Alpha as we prayed over Snowden.


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