911 What’s your Emergency?

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 11/24/2018
PAX: FNG-9 Volt, Abcess, Bubbles (Respect), FNG-Brady Bunch, FNG-Casanova, Deep Dish, Geek Squad, Rhythm, Rug Doctor (Respect), FNG-Short Stop, Sidewinder (Respect)
AO: The Battery


45, foggy, grounds were wet from overnight rain.

The Disclaimer

Thank you for coming. This is a free, peer-led workout. You’re here by your own decision and are encouraged to modify where necessary; your Q does not have any prior knowledge of pre-existing conditions/injuries. Do your best and provide maxium effort.


Burpee x 5 OYO
SSH x 20 IC
Lunge x 10 IC
Burpee x 4 OYO
Mommy Maker x 8 IC
ST Squat x 10 IC
Burpee x 3 OYO
High Knees x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Burpee x 2 OYO

**Long Mosey to top of Hell Hill by the pool; detour doing bernie’s, karaoke and high knees to get the heart pumping

The Thang

Pre-beatdown, YHC set up a baseball diamond in the dark. Used for the partner carry exercises to follow:
Partner Carries
Pair up with someone of similar size/stature. P1 carries P2 to second base; switch and P2 carries P1 home.  Immediately after carry, heels on curb and wait for 6. For an all you got Spartan Run.
Round 1: Fireman Carry
*Spartan Run
Round 2: Wheel Barrow
*Spartan Run
Round 3: Piggy Back
*Spartan Run
– 5 Burpees OYO
Partner Planks
Pair up with a different partner for some partner planking
R1: P1 Planks while P2 performs 20 Decline Merkins with feet on back of P1 planking; Flapjack
R2: P1 Plank and hold P2 Ankles as P2 performs 20 BBSU; Flapjack
Mosey down Hell Hill & circle-up for two rounds of “Circle Burp’s”
Circle Burp
Exercise performed in a circle with all Pax present. Exercise is called, and all Pax perform that exercies AMRAP until it is their turn to call “down” which signifies when all Pax stop, drop and do a single burpee, then return to called exercise
R1: Monkey Humpers
Bernie sanders up Hell Hill and back down
R2: Alternating Shoulder Taps
Wheel of Merkin
All pax, again, form circle & plank until it is their time to perform the # of merkins in that revolution
5 rounds completed.
Ratchet’s Shoulder Blaster
While keeping arms up perform the following back to back:
Baby Arm Circles (Fwd/Bkwd) x 10 IC
MNC x 10 IC
Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
OH Claps x 10 IC
MNC x 10 IC
YHC opted to end it here as his shoulders were resembling that of a properly smoked ham; YHC should know!
Pretzel x 10 IC (R/L)
Hollywood x 12 IC (R/L)
Box Cutter x 12 IC
LBC x 20 IC
Time called.


Three pillars of F3

  1. Workouts are held outside (rain or shine)
  2. Workouts are peer-led
  3. Leave no man behind, leave on man unchanged

Shovel flag symbolism
YHC had the opportunity to talk with long-time and fellow F3 Chattanooga pax at Early Bird’s wedding last weekend. Since he and his family have moved out of town a year or so ago, he has assumed responsibility at his new church leading a men’s ministry. He has successfully launched F3-esque workouts for these men without actually tapping into F3 Atlanta. He shared his thoughts on the shovel and what it means and how he’s used it as a discussion point for other men to understand their role as men and in the community – we discussed the deep symbolic nature of the shovel. From this conversation, I drew inspiration.
Simply put, a shovel is just an object, but with it there are so many inherent uses. In order for the shovel to be of any use, someone has to implement it. YHC shared a time when he wished he could just tell the shovel to dig a french drain for him and sit back and watch. Obviously cannot happen, as it is an inanimate object that requires an applied force. I likened the shovel to the relationship a man has with another man and the opportunity we have to help inanimate men (Sad Clowns) to become useful tools in our community through F3. In order for a man (a shovel) to be successful, he needs the help of another man (a force) to implement him in the community, to show him how he can be useful. YHC challenged the group to be that force, to guide other useful shovels in the community


  • Rhythm brought one of his 6 (?) kids in his brood and a friend of his; they were late. So, naturally, YHC asked the then-FNG (later, “Short Stop”) if they have a clock at home and if they knew how to read it; Confirmed.
  • As we were performing partner planks, YHC hears a siren alarm going off. Sounds like a ringtone. Look over and there’s Rhythm talking to Emergency Dispatch. Apparently he accidentally hit the emergency call button — out of breath, he explained there was no emergency (only that he was getting smoked at a workout). Aye!
  • Had a Wayne’s world moment as traffic seemingly was coming through. “GAME OFF!”…. “GAME ON!”


Cleveland Launch #3-5 coming up. All pax of Chattanooga are encouraged to try their best to support local AOs and support the launch of Cleveland. Meaning, fartsacks are strongly discouraged. STRONGLY.

Upcoming Qs

12/1 – Threeskin
12/8 – Sidekick
12/15 – Fissure
12/22 – Rug Doctor
12/29 – Sidewinder