I Can’t Feel My Fingers or Toes !

Date:  11/21/2018

QIC:  The Count
PAX:  Fast Lane, Threeskin, Dorothy (Nomad from NY by way of Knoxville)
AO:  Beast Ridge (Camp Jordan)
Conditions:  30 Degrees, light breeze, low humidity (I wish I had waterproof shoes)
Disclaimer: Disclaimed (no FNG’s)
WARM UP:  Mosey from P/L to Jungle Gym, SSH (10 IC), Abe Vigoda (10 IC), Flying Sun Gods (10 ea leg IC), Plank Jacks (10 IC), Burp-Ups at Pull Up Bar (10 OYO)
Mosey to Soccer Stadium
Quarter Pounder: Start at one end of field.  AYG 25 Yards (25 Merkins) – Bernie Sanders back to starting point.  AYG 50 Yards (50 Squats) – Bernie Sanders back to starting point.  AYG 75 Yards (75 Mountain Climbers) – Bernie Sanders back to starting point.  AYG 100 Yards (100 SSH) – Bernie Sanders back to starting point.
Mosey to Bleachers and do Serpentine run from one end of bleachers to the other and back and perform 20 Derwin’s and 20 Incline Merkins, Rinse and Repeat (x 3).
Mosey to P/L for Mary’s:  XY’s – count 1 & 2 Rosalita, counts 3 & 4 Flutter Kick (10 IC) – Never Cross Dolly – Just like Dolly’s but upper body is in Iron Cross (10 IC) – E2K (Oblique Crunch) – Right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to right knee, switch (10 IC each leg).  Good Mornings (10 IC), Peter Parkers (10 IC), Imperial Walkers (10 IC), Plank with alternating leg lifts (10 IC), LBC (10 IC), Big Boy Sit-ups (10 IC), Reverse Pickle Pounders (10 IC), American Hammers (10 IC).
End Ex!  Good Job Gents – Great to have Dorothy with us…
COT:  Short and Sweet, because QIC could not feel his fingers or toes!!  Prayers and Praises for those heard and unheard.  Have a good Thanksgiving but don’t be Glutenous!! 🙂