Break Thru Your Wall

QIC: Picasso
Date: 11/27/2018
PAX: Cable Cutter, CANDU,  Flemish, Goose, Ohms, Snookie, Speed bump, Sunshine, Ringwald, Threeskin, Whittler, VSquared
AO: Hill City


29 degrees and clear.

The Disclaimer

This is F3. We assume no responsibility to for the actions you bestow upon Hill City. Keep it smart, don’t push yourself to the max and we will help you if needed.


Great Hall
SSH x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Squats x 15 IC
Smurfjacks x 10 IC
SSH x 20 IC
SSH x 10 IC
Mountain climbers x 15 IC

The Thang

Sushi Nabe Baby
WWII Sit-ups x 25
Makhtar N’Diaye x 10 IC
Short Weather & Ice Cream
Clumpie Monkey Humpers x 15 IC
Calf raises x 25 IC
Walgreen Stock Up
Merkins x 10 IC
Windshield whippers x 20 IC
Alternating shoulder taps x 20 IC
Longhorn Roundup
Low wall sits
Big derkins
Publix Be Playin’
High knee runs
Ass kicker runs
Karokoe left
Karaoke right
Kent Street Wall
Sprint Halfway, Bearcraw X 10 yards, Sprint to top….descend
Sprint halfway, Bernie Sanders halfway
Forrest Avenue Folly
Derkins x 10 IC
Incline Merkins x 10 IC at Bottom
Chestnut’s Roasting on an open Walnut Bridge
One Armed Pickle Pounders x 5 IC Alternate Arm
Plank x 60 seconds
Chronicles of Narnia
Dips x 20
SSH x 20
Pull-ups x 10
X’s and O’s x 20
Freddy Mercury’s x 15 IC
LBC’s x 20 IC


“We all have walls. We all hopefully get thru them at some point no matter how tough they are on us. One of the most important ways to get over whatever wall you are facing is to reach out or discuss it with a brother, friend, or someone who understands. No matter how impossible it seems to break thru the wall, having someone there by your side may be the best thing you will never realize.”
BALL OF MAN – Moment of Silence


  • Fissue wasn’t at the Post. Let’s see if he reads this. 
  • Goose puked up his Napa Valley Bud Light
  • Lots of mumble while we do Derkins next to the exhaust pipe of a running Semi