You are my daffodil

QIC: Whittler
Date: 12/18/2018
PAX: Back Pew, Candu, Care Bear, The Count (Respect), Flemish, Fissure, Free Candy, Geek Squad, Goose, Iron Butt (Respect), Laces Out (Respect), Moondance, Ohms, Peanuts, Peddler, Picasso, Prosciutto, Ringwald, Roadhouse (Respect),  Sidekick, Speed Bump, Sunshine, FNG-Dirk
AO: Hill City


Crisp 30 degree weather with a touch of ice on the ground.

The Disclaimer

I already modified the workout so no modifications needed.


It was explained that this would be a travelling warm up, during which time each PAX would do 365 reps for the warm up.
Mosey to Fountain
SSH x 30, Plank x 30, Merkins x 10, Shoulder taps x 10, Squats x 10 (proper form enforced), Arm circles x 15 each direction
Mosey to large parking lot
SSH x 30, Plank x 30, Mountain climber x 15, Plank Jack x 15, Windmill x 15, Willie Mays Hays x 15
Mosey to the foot of the bridge
SSH x 30, Plank x 30, Half Burps x 15, Superman x 15, Seal Claps x 15, Overhead Press x 15, Burpees x 5

The Thang

This was designed as an homage to Vila, the Q that popped my F3 cherry on 12/18/17
Dolphin and the Daffodil
Mosey to the first hump of the bridge
8-count BB x 5
Squerkin roll x 10
Imperial Walker x 30
Leg Raises x 30
Squerkin roll x 10
Squats x 30
10 count
Burpees x 5
Squerkin roll x 10
Monkey Humpers x 30
Jog to next hump
LBCs x 30
Squerkin roll x 10
Squat x 30
Mosey to parking lot
Merkin wheel x 2 rounds
Ring of Fire (flutter kicks) x 2 rounds
Pickle pounders x 15
Freddie Mercury x 15
Reverse PP x 15
Heel Touch x 15
Pretzel crunch x 10 each side
Boxjump suicides saved for another day…


YHC is incredibly grateful for the men of F3 and the journey that we have been on over this last year.  I was scared to start F3.  My first few days, I was the guy who was way behind everything else.  That first workout, one year ago to the day, had me questioning my sanity.  Vila, Angus, Prosciutto, and Best In Show made it look easy.  It wasn’t easy for me and I wanted to quit.  The first day was cold and soaking wet.  But I was determined to power through and not quit.  I still struggle, as does every other man out there from time to time.  The important thing is to continue to push yourself because you are not only having a positive impact on yourself but, perhaps more importantly, you are impacting those around you more than you know.  Today, 24 of us pushed ourselves and made each other better for our efforts.  When you are considering skipping a workout “just because”, consider your brothers out there that need you out there.  
I was moved recently reading “Freed to Lead” when the discussion of the Dolphin and the Daffodil was brought up.  In short, one’s “Dolphin” is a unique and powerful skill and the “Daffodil” is the type of person that one is destined to serve with his Dolphin.  The D2X, or intersection of a man’s dolphin and his daffodil, is where a man’s mission is found and his impact is the highest.  I encourage everyone to find their own D2X.  It won’t be easy.  People will judge you.  Many might not understand you.  But all that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the impact that you choose to have on others.  


We sincerely struggled to name our FNG today.  
Picasso seemed like he wanted more, going the extra mile.
The Q’s cadence was thrown off a few times because someone was counting “1-10, 1-11, 1-12…”


********VQ ALERT********
Moondance VQ on Thursday at Hill City.  A minimum of 25 guys can and should be there
Ringwald at the LD tomorrow
Don’t forget to continue to support Cleveland even though they are officially off the launching pad.