Ultimate Letdown (sad face)

QIC: Co-Q (Fissure, Ringwald)

Date: 01/19/2019
PAX: Cowbell, Fissure, Iron Butt (Respect), Pink Panther (Respect), Ringwald, Roadhouse (Respect), Sidekick, Skitch, Steam Engine, Venus, Vsquared
AO: The Landfill


Best summed up as NOT ultimate football weather

The Disclaimer



YHC (Fissure) improvised a little something for the Pax

The Thang

Baton was passed to Ringwald and we did some dips, abyss merkins and step ups followed by MOM.  Despite the weather we got us a little workout in.


While nothing was prepared since we had high hopes of playing some ultimate football we still managed to have a solid discussion about how F3 is structured and potential growth in Chattanooga.


We all woke up for gameday but the weather and darkness were having none of it.  In the future we need to plan around the darkness, at least.  The monsoon is just bad luck
Ringwald is a good sport as he continues to give a hearty Go Tigers during the namerama as a result of our wager.  And it brings me great joy.  Only 5ish more weeks left!