4 Corners with a hill to boot

QIC: Sidekick
Date: 02/04/2019
PAX: Fastlane, Threeskin
AO: Beast Ridge


41 Degrees, foggy. Epitome of the Gloom

The Disclaimer

These guys know the drill


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX15; Little Baby Arm Circles ICX10, Reverse ICX10, Seal Claps ICX10, Shoulder press ICX10; Cotton Pickers ICX10; Willie Mays hays ICX15; Mosey to Soccer Field

The Thang

Started off with a Ladder up the bleachers – Ircans X10, Dips X10, Box jumps X10; Move up a step, Repeat.  Repeat a total of 5 sets as we move to the top of the bleachers.
Now to the Soccer Pitch (field for you non-cultured soccer newbs)
Indian Run for a full lap around the field, tough with 3 guys but we can handle it
4 Corners
Sprint the short sides and mosey the long sides.
Corner 1 – 25 Mercans
Corner 2 – 40 Squats
Corner 3 – 40 LBC
Corner 4 – 10 Burpees
Repeat for round 2, but wait….
Insert the hill at corner 1
All 3 PAX hold plank – Q calls first name, PAX bear crawls to the top and performs 10 reps.  Calls 2nd name, PAX bear crawls up and performs 10 reps.  Calls remaining PAX.  All PAX hold plank unless bear crawling or performing reps.  Once complete, back to the bottom to repeat round 2.
Round 1 – 10 Mercans
Round 2 – 10 Diamond Mercans
Round 3 – 10 Pickle Pounders
Finish Round 2 of the 4 corners
Mosey back to the Flag


Discussed as a group how we can boost up the Beast.  The 3 of us are three even when the creek rises.  We will grow it.


It got pretty crowded out there with the large turn out but the Beast is a big place.  it was nice to be back on the soccer field after a 4 month hiatus due to the field looking like a South Georgia Mud Bog.  To his credit Threeskin didn’t even mention his Patriots winning another F’n superbowl.


Good week for F3 weather wise.  take advantage.