Permission Granted

QIC: Whittler
Date: 02/02/2019
PAX: Best in Show (Respect), Candu, Cowbell, Fly-By (Respect), Goose, Iron Butt (Respect), Pink Panther (Respect), Skitch, Sunburn, Venus, VSquared, FNG-Pom-Pom
AO: The Landfill


37 degrees and absolutely perfect

The Disclaimer

Properly disclaimed given the numerous fresh faces in the crowd.


Mosey down the hill to the lower parking lot
SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 10
Windmills x 10
Willie Mays Hays x 10
4×4 x 4
Arm circles x 10 each direction
Seal Clap x 10
Overhead press x 10
Moroccan night club x 10
4×4 x3
Squat x 10
Lunge x 10 each leg
Monkey Humpers x 10
Squat Step (Dostoevsky) x 10 each side
4×4 x2
Plank x 10
Mountain climber x 10
Plank jack x 10
Mahktars x 10
4×4 x1

The Thang

The daylight was upon us at this point…
Stations of the Landfill
Station 1 – The Parking Lot
Alligator Merkins across the parking lot
10 toe merkins
Lunge walk back
Uneven curb merkins x 10 each side
Indian Run to the playground
Station 2 – The Playground
We partnered up and one partner did a swing exercise while the other did an Ab exercise

  1.  Swing crunch x 10 per round while partner 2 did BBS.  This was done for 5 rounds for a total of 50
  2. Kangarows x 10 per round while partner 2 did LBC.  5 rounds done
  3. Swerkins (Swing merkins) x 5 while partner 2 held plank.  3 rounds done

Mosey to the hill
Station 3 – Hill laps
Begin at the bottom, run up the hill, do 1 burpee.  Shuffle across the top to the next corner, 2 burpees.  Jog down the hill, 3 burpees. Shuffle back to the start and do 4 burpees.
Station 4 – Concession stand
Wall sit x 20
Overhead press x 10
Muhammad Ali x 10
Cool down mosey down the hill and then back up
1 round of Baby Shark – flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury, and LBC
LBC x 10
Pickle Pounder (Small and Medium) x 10 each
Reverse PP x 10
Plank x 10
Grasshopper x 20 (Thanks to Fly by)
5 burpees


YHC shared a little about a personal struggle over the last months.  That struggle was about the lulls in our life.  With many things in life, we start a new thing with great enthusiasm.  But over time, that fades and we get into a lull.  Whether it’s work, marriage, hobbies, or F3, there will be lulls.  But it’s up to us to find our way out.  I admittedly got distracted from F3 over the last month or two.  There were things that I deemed more important that kept me from supporting my brothers as much as I should have.  But the great thing I have found with F3 is that just being present can snap you out of that lull and get you back on track.  The fellowship and the support that comes with every F3 post is incredibly humbling.  I encourage everyone to make an effort to not just show up at a workout, but make an effort to get to know your brothers of F3.  They will be there for you when you need it.  As is often said at F3, the workout is what gets us here but the brotherhood and fellowship is what keeps us here.  As the F2 Q, I will be making a stronger effort to organize more F2 events so F3 can become more than just a workout. 


Candu apologized to Sunburn about standing him up with moving.
Lots of interesting MC during the swing exercises


F3 luncheon February 8th – Location TBD, tune to Fellowship channel
See Q schedule for upcoming Qs