Fantastic Feb Four

QIC: Geek Squad
Date: 02/04/2019
PAX: Fissure, Mr. Clean, Truck-Yeah, Milkman, U-Turn, Lugnut, Ducktales, The Count (Respect)
AO: The Huey


40s and DRY. Dark and Gloomy!

The Disclaimer



Mosey lap around The Huey in all its glory, Pavilion and Thunderdome back to the startex.


SSH x 25  IC
Windmills x 20 IC
A – kickers x 20 IC
Good mornings x 20 IC
Merkins X 20 IC
SSH  x 25 IC
Mosey to the pavilion

The Thang

Step ups  10 each leg
Dips  15
Incline. 10
Decline 10 
Rinse and repeat
Mosey the scenic route through the        parking lot, a U-turn and on to the basketball courts
Four Basket Turnover (rinse and repeat)
Goal # 1 – 8 count Body builders x 10
(The Count led proper cadence)
     Goal # 2  –  Squats x 25  OYO
     Goal # 3  –  Burpees x 10 OYO / 2nd set
merkins OYO
     Goal #4  –  LBCs SC x 25  OYO
Mosey out through the parking lot out A1A to back Huey road and return to startex
hand release merkins x 15
      Heel touches x15
      Supermans x 10
      Freddy Mercury x15
      American Hammer x15
      Flutter Kicks x15
      Monkey Humpers x 15
      Wave merkins up to 4 count, then out
of time


2 Timothy 2:20-21. There is a difference between gold and silver and clay vessels. Gold and Silver are used for noble purposes. God wants to use His best to show honor to others. Be that honorable vessel.
We should be holding each other accountable as well.  F3 is more than a workout.


YHC Needed help this morning with 8 count body builders cadence, merkins cadence. Clean and Count subbed in while on the court!
The Count corrected a few people on their form and speed as needed!
YHC focused on proper call outs by saying IC when he should have substituted OYO, but got better as we went.

  1. “The Next Exercise is ______________________”
  2. “Starting Position … Move”
  3. “In Cadence … 
  4. “Exercise”



5:15 Thursday at the Huey’s starts officially this week!