Dancing with Dora in the pale moonlight…

QIC: Best In Show
Date: 02/18/2019
PAX: Fastlane, Fissure, Peanuts, Threeskin, Whittler
AO: Beast Ridge


40ish, full moon peeking from high cloud coverage, hurricane force winds. Beautiful morning

The Disclaimer

I am Best In Show, modify, free will, let’s get better!
This ain’t Twitter


SSH 20
3rd grade ex 12
High Knees 12
SSH 20
Smashing Pumpkins (and the mumble chatter begins)
Fire Hydrants 10
SSH 20
Plank 12 count
Mtn Climber 12
Plank 12 count

The Thang

Mosey on over to the big parking lot where YHC had placed a stack of concrete blocks under the cover of darkness. Here we began the dance with that fickle lady Dora…..
Title of exercises or routine
First- Pax 1 takes control of the block and performed the following while Pax 2 ran a sprint down the lot and Bernie Sanders back then swapped up;
Bench Press
OH press
Round 2- same as first except the runner carried the block while running and the other Pax did this;
Heel Raises
St Bernard Squats
The mumble chatter was off the chart at this point  Dr Whittler and Threeskin discussed removing of masses and other gross medical stuff. Also the view of Fissures hernia surgery scar in the moonlight was quite magical, kudos to Whittler for a job well done!
Round 3-Pax 1 back on the block holding plank while Pax 2 performed some an work  Swap after each round;
LBC 20
Drag Queen 12
Flutter Kicks 12
Freddie Mercury 12
A little time left so we did another set of LBC, then missed back to the flag. Done!


YHC talked about how attributes of people have been discussed lately in my work life and it got me to thinking about the attributes of the HIM of F3, and how they make me want to be better. I am so far from perfect, but the men of F3 keep reminding me, that the reason we are here is to help each other realize others are here to help. Thanks to all of you for helping me to keep thinking, I can be better, I must be better.


Fissure obviously has hair envy as he commented numerous times about the luxurious hair YHC has.


Training Day Ooltewah date TBD