Route 66 Rocks the Walnut Street Bridge

QIC: The Count
Date: 02/12/2019
PAX: Candu, Care Bear, Dirk, Flemish, Goose, Hobo, Initech, Iron Butt, Laces Out, Money Ball, Peanuts, Prosciutto, Roadhouse, Ringwald, She Shed, Sidekick, Skitch, Sunburn, Sunshine, FNG-Tofu, VSquared, WuzntME
AO: Hill City


57 degrees, light sprinkles, but a great day to workout

The Disclaimer:

I’m not a professional. You are here on your own initiative. Push yourself and modify as necessary to avoid injury. If you get hurt let someone know, and we will get you back to your transportation or to ER if necessary.


Mosey to Great Hall – SSH (IC-20), Abe Vigoda (IC-10), Steve Earle (IC-10) Rinse & Repeat.  Mosey to start of Walnut Street Bridge!   

The Thang

Mosey to beginning of street lights to begin Route 66:  Break Up Group in 3 sets of 5 and 2 sets of 4.  At first light conduct 1 Rep of Exercise AYG to 2nd light and perform 2 reps of same exercise, AYG, rinse and repeat until 11th Light is reached and 11 reps of exercise are performed.  Total is 66.  (Round 1 – Burpees, Round 2 – Squats, Round 3 – Merkins, Round 4 – Lunges). In all 264 reps will be done (if you did them all)… 🙂 with 10 short sprints for a total of 40 AYG. All Pax hold Al Gore until six is complete. Mosey back Blue Rhino.
Mary’s – American Hammer, Flutter Kicks, Freddy Mercury, Crunchy Bugs.


Counterama, Namerama, Named our new FNG – Welcome to Tofu!
Prayers and Praises for our families and those who could not be with us.



Confessed my bad week, dealing with work issues, but also feeling bad that I couldn’t be with my brother Bob during his impending surgery. I had to remind myself that I’m responsible as is all of us for our Attitudes. Even when things aren’t going our way, we can maintain a good attitude and lead under adverse situations.