The Refill

QIC: Whittler
Date: 02/21/2019
PAX: Candu, Fissure, Flemish, Goose, Laces Out, Money Ball, Peanuts, Prosciutto, Roadhouse, Sidekick, Skitch, Sunshine, Sunburn, The Count, Threeskin, Vila, VSquared
AO: Hill City


Misty but tepid

The Disclaimer



Mosey to under the bridge
Merkin x 40 OYO
SSH x 20
3rd grade exercises x 15
Willie Mays Hays x 20
Forward Fold x 10
Arm Circles x 15 each direction
Imperial Walkers x 15
Plank x 10
Shoulder taps x 10
Plank Jack x 10
SSH x 15
Warm up lap around bridge

The Thang

With many new faces in the crowd, I thought it was appropriate to repeat an oldie but a goodie that I did for my VQ – The Rx for Pain
The Refill on the Prescription for Pain
12 prescriptions were given out to the PAX.  Each Rx had a Disp # on it which correlated with the number of reps.  This was an additive circuit meaning we did 1, then 1 and 2, then 1, 2, and 3, etc.
1 – Lap
2  – 8 count BB
3 – Jump Squats
4 – Diamond Merkins
5 – 4x4s
6 – Kettle swings with rock
7 – Reverse crunch
8 – tricep extension
9 – Froggy squats
10 – LBC 4 count
11 – curls
12 – Burpees
Many 10 counts were included PRN.  Unfortunately, we only made in through 10.  There was then a mosey back to the rhino.
Freddy Mercury x 10
Flutter kick x 10
Plank x 10


Earlier this week, my man Best in Show commented on the changes he had seen in me in the last year, namely in my physical appearance.  This really hit home because I see myself everyday and don’t always notice a change but those around us do.  When I mentioned this to my wife, she commented on how not only my physical appearance had changed with F3 but also my attitude, my faith, and my overall outlook on life.  It really struck me because I really didn’t think I was doing anything different, I was just doing what I loved and that was enjoying F3.  It made me realize what an impact F3 has on our lives, whether we realize it or not.  The positive impact on being a HIM in Chattanooga spills over way beyond ourselves:  it affects our family, friends, and community.  Many people may think this is “just a workout” but it’s so much more.  Time, effort, and dedication will have profound impact on us and those around us.


There was the normal Candu grunting.  The Count, at times, looked like a Squatty Potty model.  There was some confusion regarding numbers and time when discussing the upcoming Convergence.


Landfill and Battery this Saturday
Convergence in Ooltewah ON 3/30 AT 7:00.  Goal is 50 HIM to converge