Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise…..


QIC: Speed bump
Date: 02/25/2019
PAX: Fast lane, Jabooti, Peanuts, Sidekick
AO: Beast Ridge


Cold and flooded

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  Modify where necessary.


We did a lot of SSH IC; We did some forward fold; We did some Mercans; We did some high knees; We Mosey’d

The Thang

Soccer Circuit was on the menu today.  The circuit consisted of a suicide across the Bass Pro Parking lot, followed by 15 Mercans, 15 Box Jumps on random bass Pro props, 10 burpees, 30 yds of lunges, and about 60 yards of bernie sanders.  Rinse and Repeat.
We finished up with some Mary – American hammers; LBC; Hello Dolly; one legged reverse pickle pounders


So, this is Sidekick writing this for my buddy Speed Bump.  Speed has been distracted lately because some low life needed to break into his house and take things he didn’t earn.  In all likelihood, if the guy would have asked, Speed probably would have given him whatever it was anyway because that’s the kind of dude he is.  He is always there to help and is the most selfless man I know.  So, men of F3, when you see Speed, ask him if there is anything he needs because he would do the same for you.  Aye?


We had a scavenger hunt of workout location due to the flooding in Camp jordan.  Front gate, back gate, bass pro oh my!  Turned out to be a good spot


OOLTEWAH convergence 3/30