They Call Me The Breeze

QIC: threeskin
Date: 03/04/2019
PAX: Best In Show, Fastlane, Peanuts, Sidekick
AO: Beast Ridge


Remaining dampness turned cold.  Hurts your bones. Slight Breeze.

The Disclaimer

A number of old friend here. We get it.


Needed to adjust the temp so we took shelter near the concession stand.
SSHs IC x 20
Heart Health 40 Merkins
SSH heavy warmup commences
Imperial Walkers
Little Baby Arm Circles
Reverse LBACs
Milatary Press
Imperial Walkers
Forward Fold
Willie Mays Hays

The Thang

The Pain of the Rain of the Plain
Title of exercises or routine
Trying to stay warm, we are taking it to Fastlane’s Fireplace of Love.
Imperial Walkers
Step Ups 20 – Box Squats 10 IC – Air Squats 10 IC
Step Ups 16 – Box Squats 8 IC – Air Squats 8 IC
Step Ups 12 – Box Squats 8 IC – Air Squats 8 IC
2 rounds of Lunges
Mosey back to concession stand
Merkin Malay – Incline, Transition, Decline with dips in between.
Reverse Pickle Pounders
Hello Dolly
Flutter Kicks
Knee to Chest
At this point, Sidekick said the wind stopped…  It had not but I had succeeded in changing the weather.
Mosey Back


 CIRCLE OF TRUST: The terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man.
BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


Looking inward just wondering about what makes people commit to certain things in their life.  How we decide to follow the rules and sometime not.  When we chose to do things or not do them.  We all need to decide to commit to important things.  F3 is an easy choice, commit to the mission or its not really F3 is it?
Typical Beast mumble chatter:
It’s cold…
I don’t want to get my shoes dirty. – Sidekick (he might not have said it, but we heard him thinking it)
Go a little deeper, position your tongue (for good posture).
In the words of Best In Show, be prepared for “the change.”


Convergence 3/30 Ooltewah
2.0 Next week at Landfill