Geeky Clean

QIC: Co-Q (Geek Squad, Mr. Clean)
Date: 03/14/2019
PAX: Ducktales, Hasbro, Hector, Milkman, Radiohead, Saddlebags, She Shed, Snowflake, Truck-Yeah, U-Turn, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean
AO: The Huey


61 degrees. Very low barometric pressure.  The storms are headed this way.  Warm enough for even Snowflake to sweat.

The Disclaimer

In honor of Laces Out, “you are here on your own VOLITION” and we we are not professionals, modify if necessary, and we will help you to your car should you get hurt.


SSH x 20
Arm Stretches x 15
Butterflies x 15
Hamstring stretches x 15
Finkle Swings x 8 each leg
3rd Grade Exercises x 15
Willy Mayes Hayes x 15
Slow Abe pagodas x 15
SSH x 20
Butt kickers x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Proscuitto’s Gold Chains
SSH x 10

The Thang

In honor of Prosciutto, a HIM that picked up a Q.  Once Threeskin adds to the Exicon, he will be paid the same homage 
1st Round
Arms (Shoulder Press) 50 each partner
Legs (Squats) 50 each partner
Abs (LBCs) 50 each partner
Run (Native American Run) Lap around
Merkins 25 OYO
2nd Round
Arms (Curls) 25 each partner
Legs (Monkey Humpers) 25 each partner
Abs (Pickle Pounders)
Run (Native American Run) Lap Around
Mini Dips


Yesterday, 03/13/2019, YHC was scheduled to Q at the Lion’s Den. Unfortunately, I awoke to “call Ralph” and bowed out of the scheduled Q.  Threeskin and Prosciutto volunteered to pick up the Slack (pun intended).  Additionally, Prosciutto voluntarily admitted he once slept late for a Q, and sometimes a HIM misses a Q.
Well, once I heard of this gracious act and statement, I remembered his story of the Exicon addition of ALARM.  I asked Geek Squad for the opportunity to Q, and we chose to co-Q.  I felt it only fitting to pay homage to Prosciutto and complete the ALARM Routine as a very small appreciation for his help yesterday.  Big thanks to Threeskin as well and his help.  The message here: we all falter at some point, and we all need help at some point in our lives.  We see it in action in F3, and we should do our best to always Pay it Forward.  Get the karma monster on your side.


The landmine was missing this morning.  Sadly, so was The Count.
Plethora of “she said” jokes. (We are dudes at 0515, brain activity is slower, depth is much more shallow….in that spirit, we also do not really care what people think about our antics)
Dewayne went swimming in The Delaware…ALL the Dewaynes went swimming in the Delaware. Milkman ALMOST went swimming in the Delaware. He was told he has a really big one (when trying to recover a rock from the Delaware) and his response was, “thanks for the confidence builder.”
Hasbro has a REALLY BIG….gold chain
We made sure all exercises were completed and named with the utmost political correctness


3/15 Ruck. Startex at Longhorns 0500
3/30 convergence – Ooltewah, Veterans Memorial Park. 0700