Bridge Beatdown without the Bridge

QIC: Laces Out
Date: 03/18/2019
PAX: Geek Squad, Hasbro, Lugnut, Radiohead, She Shed, Truck-Yeah
AO: The Huey


39 degrees and cool but dry

The Disclaimer



Due to YHC’s confusion on startex time, Geek Squad jumped in and led the warmup:

SSH x 20 IC
Arm Stretches x 15 IC
Butterflies x 15 IC
Hamstring stretches x 15 IC
Finkle Swings x 8 each leg
3rd Grade Exercises x 15 IC
Willy Mayes Hayes x 15 IC
Slow Abe Begoda’s x 15 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Butt kickers x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Proscuitto’s Gold Chains IC
SSH x 10 IC

The Thang

Geek Squad asked YHC to repeat last Thursday’s Q at Hill City. Had to modify, due to this being a Bridge Beatdown and no Bridge at The Huey! (Actually, there are three VERY small bridges that just would not hold us all at the same time and not as long as the Walnut Street Bridge!) Also, YHC’s alternate name is Running Man, since many of my Q’s involve running, as named by Proscuitto on this same beatdown in Nov 2017!

Bridge Beatdown with Running Man without the Bridge

Circuit 1: Merkin Mile with Squats around the track
25 merkins oyo/ 25 Squats IC at start of track 
Run one lap
25 merkins oyo/ 25 Squats IC
Run one lap
25 merkins oyo/ 25 Squats IC
Run one lap 
25 merkins oyo/ 25 Squats IC

At Hill City, this was called an Ice Cream Show Dora, outside the best ice cream shop in town. Since there was no Ice Cream Show at The Huey, we did a Dora at the Love Shack instead.
Circuit 2: Love Shack Dora
Partner up.  1st pax runs from track to the Love Shack and back, while 2nd pax starts the following exercises:
100 merkins
200 LBCs
300 Squats
When 1st pax gets back, then switch places and continue where first left off:
Rinse and repeat until finish all reps.

2.05 miles ran, 200 merkins, 400 squats


Had time for 12 Flutterkicks IC and 10 Plank IC before time ran out! 


CIRCLE OF TRUST: Counterama, Namerama, 

YHC shared that today his father was having a heart cath and asked for prayer. Because of my dad’s heart condition I have been excercising to stay healthy. Appreciate the accountability that F3 has provided over the last 2+ years. We pushed ourselves today and endured much. Sometimes we face times of endurances and difficulty in life. James 1:12 says “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”

BALL OF MAN: Prayer in a circle to end the morning!

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