Oh Brother Where Art Thou

QIC: Venus
Date: 03/21/2019
PAX: Cowbell, Fissure, Goose, Hobo, Iron Butt, Jabooti, Loan Shark, Peanuts, Prosciutto, Roadhouse, She Shed, Sidekick, Skitch, Sunburn, Sunshine, The Count, Threeskin, VSquared, Whittler
AO: Hill City



The Disclaimer

Welcome to F3. This is my first Q and I appreciate you showing up. I am not a professional so if you end up needing help we will do our best


Great Hall

  • Baby arm circles x16 forward/reverse in cadence
  • Seal claps x12 in cadence
  • Michael Phelps x12 in cadence
  • Upward Dog x10 in cadence
  • Side Straddle Hop x10 in cadence
  • Nancy Kerrigan’s x10 each leg in cadence
  • Cotton Pickers x10 in cadence

The Thang

On the steps
Round 1

  • Partner up 1 person at the top of the steps did 10 merkins as a latter down the steps to 1 merkin while the other partner at the bottom did 1 dip as a latter up the steps at the top did 10. Then switch

Round 2 (Mount Midoriyama)

  • First climb: 1 pair found another pair and the 2 became 4. 1st pair did wheel barrels up the mountain alternating as needed then mosey back down. Pair 2 did alternating burpees. Then switch when pair one got back.
  • Second climb: 1 pair partner one did bear crawls while partner 2 encouraged him and did Bernie Sanders then switched half-way. Pair 2 held Plank till other pair got half way and then held Al Gore.


  • Scissor kicks x10 in cadence
  • Box cutters up/ down x10 in cadence
  • circle o roma- up to three merkins hold plank.
  • Finishing with reverse pickle pounders x20


Focused on replication
Many of us walk through our day and just trying to make it. We keep our heads down and we knock it out. Even though we are “productive” we aren’t interacting on a deep level with our community. So like today’s Q was structured we started out as a large group- got into pairs- then found another pair- and finished as one unit with circle o Roma. It is critical to our success as a human race to interact.
This is where we thrive and grow. F3 or any organization can’t grow if its members don’t reach out to their sphere of influence. When we make the effort to reach out (like with the stairs) we find community and once that relationship is built you bring more in (like we to on our hill climbs). Along the way we are encouraging and uplifting our brothers. We can’t make it on our own sometimes we have to stop mid-way and let our community take up the slack. I.e. injury or just plain exhausted. As a group we conquered the hill climbs with enthusiasm and care for each other and the beauty is found upon completion when we can all share in the glory and fulfillment or knowing we did it together. We made what seemed irrational (wheel barrel up this mount) at the beginning possible. That’s what replication is all about. Expand your conversations… go up to that person at work who seems down or talk to the cleaning person. One of the most valuable lessons I learned in College was not study hard… make the grade… graduate… IT WAS the final exam question of my capstone class. What’s the name of the lady that cleans our room right before class? It was worth half our final grade. To my surprise as many of you know I’m a talker and I knew her name, I knew how long she worked at the school, knew about her grand kids, her kids, and even her late husband. I was one of only 3 people in class to pass the course and the only person to know her name. Why is this important… Because everyone’s life matters and sharing a conversation can make someone’s day.  


On personal note It’s my 32nd birthday and first Q. F3 has been exactly what I describe. Last year I went through a divorce and all that comes with that… and you guys were there, you supported me loved on me and when I’d miss a day someone would always reach out. The reason I am here is because Free Candy and VSquared invited me when I was at our men’s group. So, for me this group is life-giving and I had to pass it on to several of my friends including my dad Iron Butt (respect, respect) 62 years old who has also been that encouragement and has even given out my number so I could receive 8-10 individual texts just checking on me.
If you have read this to the end thank you for your support! See you in the gloom!!!


Convergence Saturday 03.30.19 – See Slack for details