Sunburn (03/23 – Landfill)

QIC: Sunburn
Date: 03/23/2019
PAX: Fissure, Jabooti, She Shed, Doodles, Iron Butt (Respect), Roadhouse (Respect), Money Ball, Snowflake, Fly-by (Respect), VSquared, Brightspot (Willy Loman), Mensa (Respect)
AO: The Landfill


Bright and cheery

The Disclaimer

Yes and added a second. The big “T” on my hat does not mean I’m a Vols fan. It has yellow behind it and in stands for Tuscola High School as in that’s where Johnathan Crompton slung the old pigskin pre Tenn. and set all kinds of records. I repeat, I am not a Vol’s fan.


SSH’s while we waited on the few who were late. Mosey to lower lot. Willie Mays Hayes, Forward Fold, Side Stretchs, LBC forward, LBS reverse, cherry pickers, Seal Claps, Seal Claps, SSH’s

The Thang

I looked up and there stood this majestic hill we just had to do something. 
Hills, Soccer Suicides and Playground
Bear Crawl to top. Those in front head back down and pick up the 6

Lunge to top and pick up the 6

Run to top and pick up the 6

Playground Circuit Training

Soccer suicides: x 2

Run to first flag: 10 – Flying Squirrel Burpees

Run to second flag: 15 – Merkins

Run to Third Flag: 20-Flutter Kicks

Run to forth flag: 25 – Side Straddle Hops

Run to fifth flag: 30 – Jump Squats

Playground Circuits

15 Swing Crunches

15 Dips

5-10 pullups

We did a 2 minute low plank and a 1 1/2 minute low plank. (Mental Toughness)

LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers and Crunchy Frogs


Get your body in the right place. It’s hard sometimes but just get there where ever it is. F3 Workout, Church, Work. We are here to hold each other accountable.  If you keep showing up, doing the hard things and are consistent it will make you better. We are here to help build each other up and make each other better through accountability and encouragement.

Appreciate Jabooti holding himself accountable and confessing and apologizing for a bad attitude.  We’ve all been there and we all appreciate you showing up and being a part of this incredible group of men. 


Not a lot of chatter going on this morning.  I think once we hit the hill we all shut down the chatter and were looking for our breath. 


Convergence in Ooltewah next week.  Boneyard AO kicks off this Tuesday.  Have a good week men and see you in the gloom.

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