QIC: Fissure
Date: 03/27/2019
PAX: VSquared, She Shed, Geek Squad, Sidekick, Milkman, Magnum, Vila, Whittler, U-Turn, Prosciutto, Ohms
AO: Lions Den


40 degrees and dry


Met at Middle School lot

4 of 12 pax picked up DRP and mosey’d down to cones (50 yards)
Bernie back, swap DRP
High knees down
Bernie back, swap DRP
Butt kickers down, 
Bernie back, swap DRP
Mosey down
Bernie back

Circle up
cotton pickers x 10 IC
Slow windmills x 10 IC
8-count bodybuilders x 8

All of us marched/mosey’d the 4 DRPs up the big hill at the entrance to Red Bank Middle and deposited them 8 light poles up (maybe 9 not sure) then back down to the base

The Thang

Pax faced the hill

20 Merkins IC
20 Squats IC
20 flutterkicks (hands above body) IC
Sprint to DRPs, first man grabs one DRP and returns it to the base

10 merkins IC
20 squats IC
15 flutterkicks IC
Sprint to DRPs, new man grabs one DRP and returns it to the base

10 merkins IC
20 squats IC
15 flutterkicks IC
Sprint to DRPs, new man grabs one DRP while Whittler was instructed to sneakily grab the last of the four DRPs and head back down the hill

10 Merkins IC
15 squats IC
15 flutterkicks IC

1:30 plank to end


Today was different.  We wrapped up about 5 minutes early to leave time for an extended COT.  She Shed shared about losing close friends to suicide and addiction and the impact its made on his life and a driving force behind why he continues to show up to F3.  He’d seen them put themselves last and paid the price for it.  Many thanks to She Shed for sharing from the heart this morning.  

F3 Nation spread the word and we joined the push put a spotlight on mental health today.  As Dark Helmet said, one of the leading contributing factors to feelings of depression, and to mental health issues in general is feelings of isolation.  Another pax shared on twitter that the highest suicide rate in the US is adult males between 40 and 54.  The average F3 pax falls in this range.  We must help guys remember they’re never alone.


Ohms continues to show up with a new baby at home.  Major props (to Mrs. Ohms too).  Being a new parent ain’t easy.

VSquared isn’t a Lions Den regular and showed up today.  Love to see that.

Apparently some guys had some solid heart rates this morning according to their fancy watches.  Running up hills will do that.

Vila has TWELVE more DRP cylinders in his possession.  FYI.


Skitch VQ at Hill City 3/28

Convergence at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Collegedale 3/30 7-8am

Grow Ruck coming in August in Georgia, stay tuned

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