No Fooling, this is Beast Ridge!

QIC: Best In Show
Date: 04/01/2019
PAX: Early Bird, Fastlane, Peanuts, Threeskin 
AO: Beast Ridge


Gale force winds, 34, shooting stars  



Some stretches to get the  ol’ joints loosened up.

Imperial Walkers IC x12

Merkins IC x 20

Plank Jacks IC x 12

American Hammers IC x12

Crunches IC x12

The SSH IC x20

* Note; The first letters in the COT spell “IMPACT”, that will come back to haunt you 


The Thang

After. An impactful warmup a short mosey over to the coveted shed where a couple of items awaited our arrival!

Somehow a concrete block was left at the pavilion as if we were supposed to use it, so we did.

While 1 pax sprinted with the block 25 yards, set it down and sprinted back the other Pax would perform various exercises, when the first pax returned the next pax would sprint 25 yards, retrieve the block and sprint back. So it goes until all pax have performed the sprint. The AMRAP exercises were;

Incline Merkins

Decline Merkins


St Bernard Squats

Bulgaria Split Squat

Step Ups

Phase II

Someone left a large rope behind also, may as well use it too  

While 2 Pax suspend the block with the rope, the other Pax perform wind sprints until someone splashed merlot  But these Pax were tough, and no one splashed so we all ran twice  

Seemed like a good time for an Indian run mosey back to the flag for some Mary 

Flutter Kicks

Boat Canoe (not sure which is which)

Drag Queen Dolly

Twisted Sister (new one from the silver sneakers workout, only those over 50 successfully performed all 12)

Freddie Mercury 



IMPACT was the theme. Got out and make an impact on others this week through your actions  


By design this workout  was designed to encourage mumble chatter, and it was strong today!  Great start to the week.


Vila at the BoneYard Tuesday!

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