A Heady Hill Shake for your Heart’s Sake

QIC: Candu

Date: 04/02/2019

PAX: Belly Roll, The Count, Skitch, Prosciutto, Hobo, Back Pew, Peanuts, Whittler, She Shed, Sunshine, FNG-Red Tees

AO: Hill City



Shirt came off in the 4th quarter, Count requested?



Mosey to Great Ball

Good Morning Sunshine x 10 IC

Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC

Forward Fold Hold x 10 IC

SSH x 15 IC

LBACs x 10 IC

Reverse x 10 IC

Shanooks x 10 IC

Shoulder Press x 10 IC

Plank x 10 IC

Slow Merkin x 10 IC

The Thang – 

Mosey to Renaissance Pavilion & Mt. Midoriyama

Partner Up – one partner runs, other partner stays in Pavilion using picnic tables to complete the following until other partner returns


Decline Merkins

Decline Carolina Dry Docks


Incline Merkins

Incline Carolina Dry Docks

Wall Sit

Calf Raises



MARY – in the grassy knoll

Hollyw00dz right side x 10 IC

Hollyw00dz left side x 10 IC

Heel Touches right side x 25 IC

LBCs x 20 IC



Stay on your FNGs – get them back. No one hit wonders! Glad to have Belly Roll back. Stay on your 2019 goals, too!


Thought I heard the Count ask me to shed my shirt, I obliged. 


Candu will be at The Boneyard on Tuesday, by God!

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