11 is One Louder – 4/3/2019

QIC: WuzntMe
Date: 04/03/2019
PAX: Sidewinder (Respect), Mrs Baker (Respect), 9 Volt (Respect), Fastlane, Peanuts
AO: The Battery


Dry, Cold, Clear, Dark


Mosey from flags down to Hot Gates, then back down the greenway to the split. Circle up.


20 Don Quixotes IC


10 Nancy Kerrigans, each leg, IC

20 SSH 

20 Willie Mays Hays

The Thang

9 Volt was asked Up or Down; he chose up, so we ascended going forward, and descended coming back
Route 66 – 
1 burpee, run to next light post, two burpees, etc up to 11 posts for a total of 66 exercises

At 11th light, 11 lunges, then 10, etc. back to starting position.

Up with Imperial Walkers,

Down with plankjacks

Up with Merkins

Dealer’s choice Mary for a fullbodied finish.

Leg raises

Hello Dollys


Freddie Mercurys



Dave Mustaine from Megadeth has always considered his career a failure because he was kicked out of Metallica, despite the amazing things he accomplished on his own. Comparing yourself to anyone else only robs you of joy, and destroys your confidence. Instead, compare yourself to who you were, and who you want to be. You’ll never get to be another man -so be the best man that you can be. Allow yourself to grow. Appreciate who you are, and where you’re going.
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for Fastlane’s GiL, Rhythm’s son, and Dutch’s knee. 


Mumble chatter was light. PAX were working overtime to complete the routine before the workout ended. Excellent effort all the way around. Rug Doctor was certainly missed- it was his first time missing a post at The Battery. Inaugural Wednesday morning post.


Mrs Baker’s VQ on Saturday. Promised to be epic.

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