Eat Your Prunes

QIC: Fissure

Date: 04/10/2019

PAX: Early Bird, Sidekick, Ducktales, Prosciutto, Free Time, Candu, Loan Shark, She Shed, Ohms

AO: Lions Den


Low 60s and clear

Circle up 
Forward fold x 20 IC
Duck walk three steps forward then back x 19 IC
SSH x 18 IC
Monkey humpers x 17 IC
Drop squats x 16 IC
Arm circles fwd/bwd, cherry pickers, overhead press, moroccan night club each x 15 IC
Carolina dry docks x 14 IC
High knees x 13 IC
Broad jump then hop back to start x 12 OYO
Asskickers x 11 IC
Lunges (alternating) x 10 IC
Wide high knees x 9 IC
Jump lunge squats x 8 IC
Burpees x 7 OYO
Burpee tuck jumps x 6 OYO
Merkins x 5 IC
Jack push-up x 4 OYO
Exploding push-up x 3 IC
Diamond merkin x 2 IC
Merkin x 1

3 laps of jogging curves, Bernie one straight away and sprint one straight away, recovery 10 counts in between


Dead Bug x 10 IC
Core rotations x 5 IC
Crunch and punch x 10 IC
Elbow plank rotations x 10 IC
Side plank crunch x 5 IC each side
Gorilla burpees x 10 OYO
Reverse climbers x 10 IC
V-sit crunch x 10 IC
Plank pike x 10 IC
Hip dips x 5 IC
Peter Parker in low plank x 5 IC
Shin touches x 10 IC
Lizard climbers x 5 IC
Bicycle crunch aka Freddie Mercury slow and extended to failure (Ohms was last man standing after the rest had to rest)


My 100 year old grandfather passed away yesterday.  He lived a long and full life so we’re not overly sad, but I couldn’t help but think about him as I planned for today.  I looked up famous people to live to 100 and stumbled across this on George Burns:

“George Burns
In his appropriately titled memoir How to Live to be 100, the beloved entertainer shared a fitness and nutrition plan that wasn’t exactly groundbreaking.  It consisted of a lot of stretches and walking, and a diet high in prunes.  But he didn’t consider any of this the “key” to a long life:
“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity,” he wrote, “I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension.  And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.””


YHC, Loan Shark, Prosciutto and Ducktales pre-rucked today’s workout and most of the chatter surrounded our fighting histories.  Loan Shark and I mostly listened.  Pro’s cousin, Frank Cafarella, developed a solid strategy when scrapping.  You gotta act a little crazy.  Say crazy stuff.  Crazy eyes.  Make them think twice, you know?

Our man Picasso has been stretched thin these days and needed a sub on q today.  So you all have him to thank for 15 minutes of mary.


4/20 Goruck Tough prep workout before Landfill.  Consult rucking channel on slack
5/3 Goruck tough and light in Chattanooga
8/23 Growruck in Atlanta area.  Consult grow ruck channel on slack

Stay tuned for more information on launching an Ooltewah AO

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