Papa Needs a New Boat

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 04/15/2019

PAX: Iron Butt (Respect X2), Sunburn (Respect), Peanuts, Early Bird, Threeskin, She Shed, Fastlane, PCH (nomad), Ripstick (nomad)

AO: Beast Ridge


42 degrees and clear.  Thought we were done with this cold crap.


3rd Grade Exercises ICX12; Forward Fold ICX12; SSH ICX30; Right over left ICX8; Left over right ICX8; Slow Squats ICX15; Little Baby Arm Circles – Reverse – Cherry Pickers – Morrocan night Clubs – All ICX10; Willie Mays Hays ICX12

The Thang

Papa Needs a new Boat!

Only two places to get one and Cabelas is a little far and traffic on 75 was a little heavy.  So Bass Pro here we come!

Mosey to the big parking lot – Mercans ICX15; Mosey to Fastlane’s Love Shack – Super Dips ICX15; Dercans ICX10; Mosey to the top of the hill – LBC ICX15; Reverse Pickle Pounders (Pickle Pointers) ICX15; Mosey to the front of Bass Pro – SSH ICX15; Mosey around Bass Pro to the back entrance – 8 Count Body builders ICX5; Mosey to Fastlane’s Love Shack – which turned into a sprint across the bridge and loop back to the 6, then to the shack – Bent over Rows with tables – ICX10; Super Dips ICX10; Mosey to the big lot – Eye Contact Pickle Pounders – ICX15; Mosey back to the flag. Time.  2.8 Miles in total


Going the Extra Mile

We are all decent humans.  We would’nt fit in F3 if we were not.  Going the extra mile means being more than that.  Doing what we can to improve the lives of those around us is important.  For some of us (insert me here) this is difficult because I am generally intolerant of other people on principle.  SO I have to think about these things and be conscious about it.  Others are by general nature great caring people.  I strive to do better in this area. 


Lots of talk today about Rock Hill and what our visitors can do while in town.  Hope to see them this week at other AOs.  Good guy bringing his kid up right.  I did have a thought as we ran by the Pontoons.  The little one on the end reminded me of the Count standing next to Dirk, which took me to the comment about Dirk carrying the Count in a Baby Bjorn.  That never gets old.


Game day Saturday!!!  Kick ball.  Yes!!

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