Diegos Quest for the Concrete Blocks and Thats what She Said

QIC: Lugnut

Date: 04/15/2019

PAX: Geeksquad, Ducktales, Hasbro, Mr Clean, Truck Yeah, U-Turn, Milkman, Freetime, Radiohead

AO: The Huey


44Degrees, Gloomy, Ripe for Mumblechatter

Diego’s Quest for the Concrete Block

MOSEy 1 lap



IW 20 IC

Squats 20 OYO

Mosey 2 lights and Bernie Back

The Thang

PAX 1 Concrete Goblet Squats

PAX 2 Sprint to  Chopper Bernie Back

PAX 1 Concrete Curls

PAX 2 Bear Crawl to Chopper Run Back

PAX 1 Concrete Overhead Press

PAX 2 Lunge to Chopper Run Back

PAX  1 Concrete Tricep Extensions

PAX 2 Concrete Farmers Carries to Chopper and back

PAX 1 Ruck Carry

PAX 2 High Pulls

After Station 1 Pax Completes 20 squats, Pax rotate. After 20 more we switch stations. Rinse and repeat.

The Culvert

Finish up holding plank in a single file line toe to head dragging a concrete block back and forth till time.


Picklepounders in Cadence followed by pickle pointers  


Pax take turn telling their why. Q starts. If you don’t have a why, what’s the point?

My why is my family, with a long history of all sorts of health issues on both sides, I want to be around as long as possible for my family. I want to protect them and provide for them as long as I’m able. A lot of reasons were mentioned, with most being the accountability and the brotherhood we form together in the gloom. I am honored to belong to such a great group of men.



What can I say about the mumble chatter this morn. That’s what she said was used probably more times than I can count in cadence.  We have a strong contingent of smart Alec’s in our AO. Great to see Mr Clean this morn. Always  nice to share in the gloom. After holding plank for 3 minutes during the Culvert, Clean chose picklepounders as our MOM.


GORUCK TOUGH AND Light coming up May 3rd weekend. cSAUP ruck on 4/20. Growruck in August. See rucking channel for details.

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