What is your WHY?

QIC: Sunburn

Date: 04/23/2019

PAX: Early Bird, Peanuts, Whoopy, Candu, Roadhouse (Respect x2), Iron butt (Respect x2), Dirk, Ascot, VSquared

AO: Boneyard


60 Degrees, dry and peaceful


SSH, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes, Windmills, SSH, LBAC, RLBAC, Moroccan Disco, Seal Claps, Shoulder Press ***Burpee Bus*** x5

The Thang

Mosey over to the picnic benches
Beware of the Burpee Bus
Step Up’s x10 Each Leg

Bench Dips x10

Squats x10

Elevated Merkins x10

Step Up’s x 10 Each Leg

Bench Dips x 10

***Burpee Bus***(5 Burpees)

Sep Up’s x10 Each Leg

Elevated Merkins x10

Mosey to Tennis Courts:

Diamond Merkins x 12

Imperial Walkers x10

In honor of Ascots upcoming wedding:

Proposal Lunges across both courts and back

Pickle Pounders

Getting Freaky with Pickle Pointers

Now he’s ready for his wedding night!

Squat Hops to far side and back

LBC’s x15

Lunges to far side & back

***Burpee Bus***

Squat Hops to far side and back

Diamond Merkins x10

Mountain-man Poopers

Mosey down the hill to wall

Wall Dips x12

Mosey back to parking lot.

***Burpee Bus***

Mary’s: Crunchy Frogs, Hello Dolly, American Hammers, Freddy Mercury’s, Flutter Kicks, maybe some more but I don’t remember.


This morning I talked about the importance of knowing your WHY in everything you do. What is the why behind your work? What is the why behind your marriage? What is the why behind your F3 commitment? What is the why behind your parenting? If you don’t know why you’re doing something then it’s just being done without any meaning behind it. Know the why (motivation) and it will can change your outlook on it and your attitude toward it. Don’t just exist, make your life meaningful by knowing your WHY! ***Burpee Bus x 2 1/2 during COT) ***


After our quick mosey and warm up at the front parking lot we found Peanuts wandering the park. I’m not sure if a drug deal went down (this is the Southside) or if he was shopping at Food City but he found us.

With Ascot’s upcoming wedding I opened up opportunity to any marriage advise. Great words of advise from Candu, Ironbutt & VSquared.

There was some chatter early on but by the time we got to the tennis courts it got pretty quite. Although, Candu is always good for some choice words when another round of lunges is called out or the Burpee Bus drives by.


Candu is on Q at Lions Den tomorrow. Moondance has a brand-new 2.0. Congratulation. Ascot is getting married Friday evening. (Give me grandkids)

Thanks for playing, it was fun!

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