Burpee Bonanza

QIC:  Dirk

Date: 02/4/2020

PAX: Doodles, Djibouti

AO: Boneyard


Raining enough to scare almost everyone off…


  1. FWD Fold x 10 IC
  2. SSH x 20 IC
  3. LoverR/RoverL x 6 IC each side
  4. Arm Circles X 10 IC each direction
  5. Shoulder Press x 15 IC
  6. Windmill x 10 IC
  7. Slow Merkins x 10 IC
  8. Slow Squats x 15 IC
  9. Imperial Walker x 10 IC

The Thang

Tennis Court Doracides
One partner does suicides with a Burpee at each line, while the other partner works toward a cumulative total of:

  1. Merkins x 100
  2. Lunges x 150
  3. Shoulder Taps x 200
  4. LBC’s x 300

Tour de Burpee Bus mosey along the road.

Rotating AMRAP Pullups while group holds high/low/side planks.


The Power of Testimony

We should readily and regularly share our stories about how God is changing our hearts. These are not static, yawn-inducing stories, but important reminders of His faithfulness! Just like the Israelites, who had seen the sea parted before their own eyes, had to remind each other of God’s past provision, so we need to remind each other of how He has worked miraculously in our lives.


We discovered that the tennis court is more like an ice rink in the rain.


Convergence on 2/8 at The Dame!

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    Living on wheel barrowed time

    QIC:  Pebbles

    Date: 01/28/2020

    PAX: VSquared, Backfire, Dolly, Sunburn (R), Count (RR)

    AO: Boneyard


    Cool, yet dry.


    15-Imperial Walkers IC

    15-Dive Bombers IC

    15-Squat Press IC

    Jail Break across parking lot, mosey back

    15-Burpees OYO

    The Thang


    Parterned up:

    1 partner does 10 merkins then wheel barrows for 40 yards. Switch. 2x.

    120 squats total with coupon, swapping when needed, partner holding al gore.

    120 merkins total, swapping when needed, patner holding plank.

    80-Kettle Bells with coupon, swapping when needed, partner holds al gore.

    1 partner does 15, then wheel barrows for 40 yards. Switch.

    20 Overhead press with coupon. Partner holds al gore Lunges 40 yards holding the coupon. Switch. 2x.

    Abs of steel: IC 20-American Hammers, 20-Flutter Kicks, 20-American Hammers, 50-LBC, 20-American Hammers, 20-Plank Jacks, 15-American Hammers, 1 Minute Plank


    Wet feet. Joshua in the Jordan.

    In the book of Joshua in the bible, I talked about how Joshua lead the Isrealites to the promised land. He had the courage to cross the Jordan, even though it didn’t make sense at the time of how it would go. Years before, Moses lead the Isrealites through the Red Sea where Moses only had to raise his staff. And here Joshua was wading in the waters knee deep, before the waters rose. I spoke about how it takes faith to go beyond your limits. Reference Joshua Chapter 3!


    This was a redemption Q from missing my Q the previous Friday.


    Convergence at the Dam Feb 8th!

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      “Insert Creative Backblast Title”

      QIC:  Jazzy Jag

      Date: 01/21/2020

      PAX: Pebbles, SwipeRight, Vaccine, Peanuts, Dirk, Jabooti, Sunburn,

      AO: Boneyard


      Not the coldest morning of the year, but not far off.


      SSH x 20 IC

      Squat x 10 IC

      LBAC x 15 IC

      Reverse x 15 IC

      Smurf jacks x 10 IC

      Moroccan night club x 15 IC

      Overhead press x 15 IC

      Monkey humpers x 10 IC

      Merkins x 10 IC

      SSH x 20 IC

      The Thang

      Boneyard gets Hurpees

      Mosey to front of school 

      10 hurpees (partner burpees, jump is over your partner while they are in plank)

      Mosey to picnic tables, pick a bench

      4 exercises – box jumps, merkins, calf merkins, dips

      One round, 10 reps of the easy version of each exercise, followed immediately by one round of the hard version of each exercise

      Mosey to track

      10 hurpees

      Mosey to picnic tables, repeat exercises

      Mosey to front of school

      10 hurpees

      Mosey to picnic tables, repeat exercises

      Mosey to parking lot

      5 hurpees



      Q had a recent personal loss, and did not take advantage of the support of community. Give people around you the opportunity to support you when you need it, and look for opportunities to support others.


      Hurpees were a huge hit in the Boneyard. PAX had difficulty focusing in the clamor for more hurpees.

      Is it just me or is the Boneyard the gloomiest/darkest AO around?


      OTB in Sale Creek, OTB in N GA, check Slack for details

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        Did I ever tell you about the time a transvestite stole all our stuff at the Landfill?

        QIC:  Sunburn

        Date: 01/18/2020

        PAX: Pink Panther, Money Ball, Radiohead, Skitch, Prosciutto, Fissure, Uncle Fester, Fly By, Gusher

        AO: Landfill


        A little cold but the wind died down, we beat the rain and it didn’t take too long to warm up.


        Forward Fold, Morning Stretch, 3rd Grade excersise. Calf Stretch, Slow Merkins, Little Baby arm circles, forward and backward. Carolina Dry Dock, Upward Dog, Downward Dog etc. Mosey downt to the bottom gate.

        The Thang

        Mountain Climb – Slow & Steady
        Be serious-Do you think anyone is reading this? I think everyone is scrolling to the bottom to here the story of the transvestite who stole our stuff.

        Starting at the bottom of the hill, leg kick toe toaches to 2nd pole. Lunges to 5th pole then Bernie Sanders up to last pole. 5 Burpee’s. Repeat sequence up to next level.

        High Plank, low plank, merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Air Squats.

        Repeat sequence of toe kicks, lunges and Brenie Sanders around dog park.

        Suicides in parking lot. – 10 Burpees run to opposite end and 1 Air Squat, Run back and 9 Burpees, 2 Air Squats. Etc. Etc until you’ve finished 1 Burpee and 10 Air Squats.

        Mosey back up to main parking lot. LBC’s, Planks High/Low etc.

        Merkin Countdown: 10 merkins, run around end of lot and 9 Merkins etc. etc.

        This is when all hell broke loose.


        I have no idea what went on during the COT. Fissure, Money Ball and I were out fighting crime. I think Skitch led it and prayed for the safe return of our stuff (This prayer was answered in 10 minutes)


        Just your typical day at the Landfill.

        Thank God Radiohead had a BM or we may not be here today, well at least a few phones, jackets and car keys.

        Here we are just doing our thang and Radiohead comes walking out of the bathroom post BM saying “I hope you didn’t leave stuff up there on the picnic tables. Someone just drove off with a bunch of stuff, he kind of looked like a transvestite.” Our first reaction was to run up and check our stuff becasue who these days doesn’t leave their phones, car keys and sweatshirts unattended in a public park while working out a half mile down the hill. Still no reaction to the words “he kind of looked like a transvestite”. I could only think of my new I-phone and now regretting not buying the insurance. The police were called as we stood around in disbelief that some had no way to get home because their keys were stolen, some of us were in despair that our phones were now gone and my whole worklife is on that thing and I had a busy day a head of me, while others were now shivering because they no long had a sweatshirt to keep them warm.

        It was a this point our resident technoweenie Prosciutto reminds us that our phones can be tracked. Immediatly Fissure calls mama at home to find his phone and me, (Sunburn) calls son, (Ascot) to track mine. He and the daughter in law had just downloaded some find your friend app so they could keep track of us. Well Ascot wasn’t answering but we took the locaiton given by Mrs. Fissure and Sunburn and Fissure took off in pursuit to locate the perv….I mean perp.

        Fissure and I figured out which way to go and ran into a Red Bank Police officer who had someone pulled over but ends up wrong person. Meanwhile Money Ball shows up in his fancy new F150 with Ascot blowing his phone up with my phone location. I commence to call Ascot who is totally confused but I tell him don’t ask questions just direct us. So like the obedient child he’s always been Ascot directs us to the location my phone is pinging and we come around the corner to see the light colored Ford SUV as discribed by Radiohead post BM.

        We go charging up the hill with Money Ball behind us in his fancy new F150 and slide in sideways blocking the driveway and we jump out like Crockett and Tubbs chasing smugglers and that’s when Radioheads words come back to me, “he kind of looked like a transvestite” Yes folks, there she was in all her glory, pink dress, blue eye shadow, red lips and harry arms. At first we thought it was Red Tees but then we realized Red Tees has much nicer skin. We must of scared the perp becasue she immediatly stretched out her hands with the loot and said she came back to call the cops becasue she thought someone would be missing them and maybe someone left them there overnight.

        We called the cops who apparently don’t know their own streets becuse I had to walk down to Dayton Blvd and flag them down as they were looking for us. We chose not to press charges, a police report was made and we returned with our phones, keys and sweatshirts to live another day. This my friends is how F3 lore is made.

        As we returned and told our war stories with the remaining PAX at the AO Skitch had the best question of the day, “Did you invite him to F3?” Remember PAX, always be recruiting. F3 is a men’s workout group, with the mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Leadership by many this morning led us to reunite with our possessions. Never take anything for granted. I’m sure the rest of the PAX from todays workout did the same as I did. We went home, we hugged our loved ones and held them in a long embrace with tears in our eyes and telling them how much we love and appreciate them. Be safe out there friends, appreciate what and who you have in your life, but most of all, DON’T LEAVE YOUR STUFF ON A PICNIC TABLE IN A PUBLIC PARK! this time it was a transvestite, next time it could be a unicorn.


        Nothing to report here.

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          The Mountain Between Us

          QIC:  Sunburn

          Date: 01/02/2020

          PAX: Burrito, Blindside, Bumblebee, Friar Tuck, Holy Kiss, Money Ball, Laces Out, Pomade, Prosciutto, The Count, FNG-Thighmaster, Whittler

          AO: Smackdown


          A bit chilly but we survived.


          Wrong Way Lap on track. SSH’s, WMH’s, TGE, LBAC, forward, reverse, Overhead Press, Morocan Night Clubs, Seal Claps

          The Thang

          Is this what you call a stadium?

          Box Jump to top (All 5 levels) 10 Merkins @ Top / LBC’s at Bottom – Repeat 5 Times

          Another wrong way lap and we’re behind the bleachers:

          Suicides with Air Squats x 10, Suicides with walking lunges x 3, Suicides and return for 10 burpees.

          To the goal line we go for 20 yard walking lunges, broad jumps with Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks and smurf jacks in between. Bear crawl to about the end and we are done.


          Since it’s the begining of the year we’ve been talking goals and commitments. Today we talked about each day we have the opportunity for a new begining. We cannot rewrite the past, we cannot go back and change a situation that’s happened in the past that we’ve regret. What we can do is go from this point forward to make the right choices, do the right things and continue to move forward in our pursuit of bettering ourselves. We can learn from our mistakes and bad decisions in the past but don’t dwell there. Most importantly, one of the things that hold us back from moving forward and growing is that we have not forgiven ourselves for those shortcomings of the past. In order to grow and move forward we need to know we have been forgiven by Our Father and now we need to forgive ourselves.


          I’m a little disappointed I was not presented with a smoking jacket with the Smackdown Logo, however I am thrilled that they would allow someone that lives on the other mountain to come over and Q for them. I haven’t lived in this town long but I do know the labels given to these two communities. new money vs old money but truth be told, when working out in the gloom everyone is just trying to make it to the COT. Money is overrated anyway so stay away from debt, it’s not your friend.

          Little known fact. My goal was to keep Burrito as quite as possible. No-one caught on that every time Burrito started to talk his non-sense I called out 5 burpees. Wouldn’t you know it during the COT Burrito got one of his stupid awkward jokes in which certainly was cringe worthy.

          *Full disclaimer: Excersises described in The Thang may or may not have happened. At my advanced age I could have written the back blast right after the workout and still not gotten it right. So, most of it happened at some point during the beatdown and some of it I just made up because it sounded good.


          Gloomies – Burrito to MC and what a job he did!

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            Mall Walkers: Part Deux

            QIC:  Best In Show

            Date: 12/31/2019

            PAX: Pebbles, Iron Butt, V squared, (The pax formerly know as Sunshine) Sunburn,Peanuts 

            AO: Boneyard


            37, brisk, but not to brisk for Pebbles to shed down to shorts and a tee!


            Ltitle mosey followed by

            SSH (alternated with the following)

            High Knees

            Smashing Pumpkins

            Figure 4 stretch 

            St Bernard squats 

            Butt Kickers


            The Thang

            I randomly lead the group to various places around the Boneyard (a mall walker’s delight) and stopped to perform various exercises 
            1st Stop

            pax lined up and held plank alternating with Al Gores as a solo pax ran to the 3rd 2nd light pole and back. Each pax ran while all others maintained the plank/Al Gore

            2nd Stop

            Found a nice stretch of wall for some fun performing each for 10 counts;

            Donkey Kicks (which may become known as Fissure Kicks?) 

            Wall Sits with kicks (with a nice Russian themed dance line)

            Donkey kicks 

            Frankenstein Wall Sits- hold for 30 seconds  

            3rd stop 



            OVERHEAD PRESS

            MOROCAN NIGHT CLUB (which I totally forgot how to do, so basically flailed my arms around for 30 seconds)

            4th stop

            After a very athletic tuck and roll by Iron Butt, we found our way to the cross planter and settled in for;

            Dips x10

            Incline Merkins x10

            Dips x10

            Incline Merkins x10

            scotted over time the picnic tables And performed 2 30 second rounds of step ups  

            5th stop

            had just a couple of minutes so V2 and I managed to get in a couple of sprints while the pax held plank



            I like to create a post where mumble chatter is easier, and today was exceptional. Peanuts was on target with his zingers at my expense. The pax were engaged, it made for a great morning.

            it was all in fun, and if it can’t be fun, I don’t want to do it  



            1/1 convergence at Landfill 7 am start

            1/4 Soft Launch of AO at Brained Baptist N GA, gonna be awesome 

            1/13 Gloomiest where you can see LSU shred Clemson!

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              A Gloomy Picnic

              QIC: Dirk

              Date: 12/06/2019

              PAX: Backfire, Uncle Fester, Vsquared, Back Pew, Lady Scot, Free Candy

              AO: Boneyard


              Beautiful…as far as gloomy mornings go.


              • FWD Fold x 10 IC
              • SSH x 25 IC
              • L over R / R over L x 5 IC each side
              • Arm Circles x 10 IC each direction
              • Shoulder Press x 15 IC
              • Windmill x 10 IC
              • Peter Parkers x 10 IC
              • Monkey Humpers x 15 IC
              • Imperial Walker x 15 IC

              The Thang

              The Picnic

              1. Mosey to picnic tables
              2. 10 Box Jumps, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Step-Ups, 15 Dips
              3. Jailbreak Hill, 10 Lunges, Mosey w/ High Knees
              4. 12 Box Jumps, 12 Incline Merkins, 12 Step-Ups, 17 Dips
              5. Jailbreak Hill, 12 Lunges, Mosey w/ High Knees
              6. 14 Box Jumps, 14 Incline Merkins, 14 Step-Ups, 20 Dips
              7. Jailbreak Hill, 14 Lunges, Mosey w/ High Knees
              8. 16 Box Jumps, 16 Incline Merkins, 16 Step-Ups, 22 Dips
              9. Jailbreak Hill, 16 Lunges, Mosey w/ High Knees
              10. 8 Pullups on tree, 20 Big Boy Situps
              11. 6 Pullups on tree, 30 Flutterkicks
              12. 4 Pullups on tree, 30 American Hammers
              13. 2 Pullups on tree, 40 LBC’s
              14. Mosey to Parking Lot


              “If other people’s pain isn’t getting in your way, you aren’t living a loving life” -Jared Huffman

              Where can we use our blessings to serve others rather than comfort ourselves?


              New Year’s Day Convergence @ Lion’s Den!

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                Dora + Bear Crawl + Dora + Crawl Bear = Boneyard Bonanza

                QIC: Jazzy Jag

                Date: 11/5/2019

                PAX: Candu, Vanilla, Dirk, Sidekick, Sunburn (R), Ascot, Milkman, Pebbles, Lady Scot, Fissure, Peanuts

                AO: Boneyard


                A little warmer than the last few days. 45 deg and clear


                Mosey to the front of the rec center, past the front of the school, down the hill back to the track, jailbreak up the hill by the tennis courts to the back of Winn-Dixie Bi-Lo Food City.

                Sshs x 20

                Slow merkins x 10

                Willie Mays hays x 10 each leg

                Fire hydrants x 10 each leg

                Sshs x 15 faster

                Carolina dry docks x 10

                Imperial walker x 10 each leg

                Forward fold x 10

                Sumo leg lifts x 10 each leg

                Sshs x 10 faster

                The Thang

                A little Guns n Roses helped get the blood flowing for Dora
                Dora x 2
                PAX counted off for random partners, one partner traveled while one partner exercised. Travel partner had a 25? yard down and back with the option of either 1)Bernie Sanders down and bear crawl back or 2) run down and crawl bear back.

                Dora #1 Exercises as follows:

                25 bonnie blairs each leg

                50 merkins

                75 squats

                100 fire hydrants each leg

                125 flutter kicks total

                Dora #2 Exercises as follows:

                ~35 roly polys

                100 jump squats

                150 plank jacks

                200 lunges in place

                250 LBCs



                Word of the day is “strength.” We all come to F3 to get stronger mentally, physically and to build stronger relationships. What do we do with our strength? Q shared about recent struggles in parenting not using strength in anger – making my kids do something because I am frustrated with them, but realizing later it scared them or hurt them. That is not the kind of strength I need to be cultivating. PAX were encouraged to find ways they can use their strength and leadership to build up family, friends, community.


                Q was very lucky Fissure found a piece of trash on the ground with the second Dora written on it- this saved the PAX from a very short, easy workout.

                We may be the test cases for how the human body responds to 100+ fire hydrants. Results to follow

                Q tried to manufacture an obstacle course on the mosey by finding approximately 37 curbs to hop over in 1/2 mile.

                Roly-poly mania is beginning to sweep through F3 Chatt – everyone should be practicing OTB


                11/16 Convergence at BX – new AO in Brainerd – be there, 7am.

                Boneyard shirts – AOQ requests a leader from Boneyard step up to spearhead this effort, reach out on Slack if interested

                Recent Backblasts

                  Burpee Bus Beat Down – Boneyard

                  QIC: Sunburn

                  Date: 10/29/2019

                  PAX:   IronButt, Dirk, Cliffhanger, Peanuts, Ascot, FNG-Vanilla, FNG-Lady Scot

                  AO: Boneyard


                  60 Degrees at game time. Dry, no wind. Perfect morning for excercise.


                  SSH, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles, LBAC Backwards, Seal Claps. Mosey to the far side under tennis courts.

                  The Thang

                  Round 1 x 2

                  20 Box Jumps on wall

                  25 Wall Dips

                  20 Step Ups

                  25 Incline Merkins

                  30 Air Squats

                  15 Carolina Dry Docks

                  Round 2 x 3 Ab Suicides

                  25 LBC’s / Run to first light post and back

                  20 Each Leg – Flutter Kicks / Run to second light post and back

                  15 Crunchy Frogs / Run to third light post and back.

                  Hold Al Gore until 6 is in.

                  Round 3 x 2 Burpee Beat Down

                  Burpee Broad Jump to first light post / Run Back

                  Lunge to far light post / Run Back

                  Hold High Plank until 6 is in.

                  Wall Sits – Joe Frazier’s – Mohamed Ali’s

                  25 Smurf Jacks

                  Mosey back to parking lot for a quick round of Mary.


                  Balance and consistency are important eliminates to success and sanity. Without balance and consistency we loose our direction and we are prone to wonder to and fro.


                  Pretty quite this morning. Part was due to counting OYO cadence and part was we were just tired and part was the FNG’s were quite because their new and didn’t know anyone. It was noted by IronButt that we miss Candu’s chatter, hope his bone spurs get better.

                  It appears Pebbles fart-sacked, although he did put a disclaimer on Slack “Lord Willing” Smart guy, who’s going to argue with that?


                  3 rd Anniversary convergence at the BX

                  Thanksgiving at Hill City hosted by Skitch and IronButt to celebrate their anniversary. Not to each other but F3

                  Recent Backblasts

                    Get Old, Get through it, Gain Wisdom, Share the Wisdom

                    QIC: Sunburn

                    Date: 10/26/2019

                    PAX: Fissure, She Shed, Ringwald, Uncle Fester, Skitch, Cowbell, Back Pew, Moneyball, Captain D (Sandhills, Columbia, SC), FNG – Farmhouse

                    AO: Landfill


                    Slight Rain and cooler then its been.


                    Disclaimer delivered and ended with “It’s gonna hurt”


                    Forward Fold

                    Willie Mays Hayes

                    Imperial Walkers


                    Mosey to the bottom lot


                    Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward/Backwards

                    Seal Claps

                    Raise the Roof

                    Bonnie Blairs

                    Back Pew Showed up so now we can get started

                    The Thang

                    Mosey to the entrance of the park

                    Sprint/Jog every other light pole until we’re back to the lower parking lot.

                    Bear Crawl end of parking lot and job back x3

                    Mosey up to THE MOUNTAIN

                    Lunges Up to top – Shoulder taps then back down.

                    Bernie Sanders to top – Shoulder Taps then back down

                    Run to top and back down.

                    Mosey to middle parking lot:

                    25 LBC’s / Run to end & Back

                    15 Merkins / Run to end & run back

                    15 Squats / Run to end & Back

                    10 Carolina Dry Dock’s / Run to end & Back

                    10 Bonnie Blairs / Run to end & Back

                    Mosey to main parking lot;

                    20 Merkins

                    10 Carolina Dry Docks

                    25 LCB’s

                    Broad Jump Burpees to the end of lot

                    End with a 2 minute low plank


                    Embrace the the hard things and use them as a chance to learn, overcome and grow. With age comes wisdom and share that wisdom with others.


                    She Shed brought his Father In Law (Farmhouse). Lot’s of chatter asking questions. Moneyball decided to to test his pain tolerance by planting himself in the middle of an ant pile. 36 bites later we think he’ll live.


                    3 Year anniversary convergence Sat Nov 16th at Brainerd Crossroads (BX)

                    New AO at the BX Official launch in 3 weeks.

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