What’s Your CMU’s Name WuzntMe?

QIC: Sidewinder (Respect)
Date: 04/27/2019
PAX: Bubbles (Respect), Deep Dish, Fastlane, Mrs. Baker (Respect), Mustang, Rhythm, Schnitzel (Respect), Rug Doctor (Respect), Transplant (Respect), WuzntMe
AO: The Battery


Clear and 41°F


Disclaimer and then a respectable mosey down the Greenway and back to the flags.
Good Mornings IC x 15
Willie Mayes Hayes IC x 15
Little Baby Arm Circles (Forward and Reverse) IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
SSH IC x 15
Mosey to Sidewinder’s truck to pick up your date for the morning (CMU).

The Thang

The PAX was informed that we would be going on a date with our very own CMU (some of us chose to giver our date’s names – WuzntMe “Grace Anne”, Rug Doctor “Shirley”.  We took our date to the first lamp post we came to on the Greenway.
The PAX then moseyed with their CMU out to the 11th lamp post.
First Round – Merkins 11, 10, 9, 8, etc. for a total of 66 Merkins.
Moseyed back to the 11th lamp post.
Second Round – Overhead Press with CMU 11, 10, 9, 8, etc. for a total of 66 Merkins.
Moseyed back to the 11th lamp post.
Third Round – Big Boy Sit-ups 11, 10, 9, 8, etc. for a total of 66 Merkins.
Moseyed back to the 11th lamp post.
Fourth Round – Dealer’s Choice (Some chose burpees, some squats with CMU, etc.) for a total of 66.
Ran out of time at the end of the Fourth Round so we didn’t get Mary in but there was plenty of planking waiting on the Six to come in.


CIRCLE OF TRUST: “It’s about the man next to you, and NO MAN gets left behind.  One of our PAX had been MIA for a few weeks and Sidewinder dropped by his place of employment this past week just to make sure he was ok.  The PAX member had been working long hours and weekends and turned out to be fine, but was humbled that Sidewinder cared enough to go check on him (the PAX member showed up today).  We are our Brother’s keeper and we can all learn a lesson from Sidewinder’s concern.  No man left behind not only applies during a work-out, but it also applies when a Brother goes MIA.  As men we’re awful at letting other’s know when we need each other, don’t hesitate in reaching out to those who we haven’t seen in a while.  You may never know what it will mean to that PAX member.
BALL OF MAN: Continued prayers for Fastlane’s wife’s Grandmother who has suffered another mini-stroke and as they provide care for her.  Schnitzel’s friend who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and Transplant’s family member who is also battling cancer.


Mustang broke up with his girlfriend at the end of the work-out (dropped his CMU and it broke).  There was supposed to be a burpee penalty but he was so heartbroken that the PAX had mercy on him.  WuzntMe was eager to get home to entertain his family members, but I’ll bet he didn’t tell his M about Grace Anne.


Black Ops – Monday afternoon at The Battery with Mrs. Baker.  Black Ops – Friday morning at Veteran’s Park in Ooltewah.  Don’t forget “Murph” at The Battery the Saturday before Memorial Day.