The Battery – “Murph” Prep session (05/04)

QIC: Mrs. Baker

Date: 05/04/2019

PAX: Deep Dish, Snooze Button, Bubbles, Transplant, Peanuts, Jabooti, Wuzn’t Me, Rug Doctor, Fastlane, Threeskin

AO: The Battery


[Nice; daylight, no precipitation, a little humid


Don Quixote 15x, SSH 15x, Forward Arm circles 15x, Reverse Arm circles 15x, SSH 15x, seal claps 12x Yoga pushups 5 OYO, mosey to the playground

The Thang

“Murph” Prep session

Count of into 4 groups

First group starts with @400 yd run

Second group starts with 10 pull-ups, (3 strengths of bands and ring available to modify if needed)

Third group starts with 20 push-ups

Fourth group starts with 30 squats.

All groups start at the same time and each group completes the required number of exercises in the set and rotates to the next set when the runners return. 

Rinse and repeat for 4 rounds

Walk back to the flags for Mary and recovery

7 minutes of Mary with big boy sit-ups, Freddy Mercury, Hello Dolly, Heels to the Heavens, leg lifts


Basic truth we are learning in our family recently is that God has a proper time of everything and our desire for something doesn’t change His timeline.  It’s not a particularly deep truth, but it has been a good reminder for me this week not to rush things , go with the program and trust the process.

CIRCLE OF TRUST: The terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man.

BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


[The rubber area near the playground is a nice area for sit-ups and ground contact exercises, there is a trail out of the back of the playground that goes to the swimming pool parking lot, 


Memorial Day Murph Convergence at the Dame

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