Find the Stairs and Catch the Hares

QIC: Mr. Clean

Date: 05/15/2019

PAX: Early Bird, Milkman, Ohms, She Shed, Sidekick, Vila, Whittler

AO: Lion’s Den


56 degrees (perfect marathon temp). Clear. Low humidity.


SSH x15 IC

Forward Fold x15 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Willie Mays Hays x15 IC

Plank x15 IC

Pike x10 IC

BAC x15 IC

Reverse BAC x15 IC

Moroccan Night Club x15 IC

Shoulder Press x15 IC

The Thang

Ohms arrived sometime during the COP (way to be an awesome dad), after making sure his 2.0 was taken care of. We moseyed back to his truck for some coupons. Moseyed back to the bleachers for the following routine.

No Elevator…Take the Stairs
Pax partnered up. One suitcase carried a coupon to the top while the other completed exercises in the Dora format.

100 Merkins

100 Inverted Rows

100 Dips

100 Shoulder Press (Pax used coupon for Presses and explorer got a “break”)

Tortoise and the Hare
Pax stayed with the same partner. One Pax completed an exercise while the other moseyed. In increments of 10, the Pax did the following…

100 Squats

100 Monkey Humpers



Shield Lock, iron sharpening iron, and/or accountability is a foundational principle of F3. YHC forgot that a bit over the few weeks after my second son was born…YHC was reminded, it hurt for minute, then it motivated me. Thanks Pax for supporting each other. Additionally, the challenge this week, as presented by Vila, “don’t be casual with the HC”


Oddly enough, it was very low this morning…

I did hear a passing runner say…”you can just hold it for me”

The construction guys partnered up as did the former Gordon Lee guys


Memorial Day Convergence — “The Dame” (Chickamauga Dam) 0700 Startex

Fallen Five Memorial Ruck — 07/13/2019. Registration will be live this week.

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