Better By Fear

QIC: VSquared

Date: 05/14/2019

PAX: Iron Butt, Sunburn, Durk, Vila, Ducktales, She Shed

AO: Boneyard




Warm Up:

  1. Imperial walker x30
  2. Willie Mays Hayes x12
  3. Rise & Shine Yoga Sequence (via Vila)
    1. Forward fold x12
    2. Downward dog x12
    3. Upward dog x12
  4. Side startle hop x50 (last x10 double time)
  5. Mosey around baseball diamond then to little workout place.

The Thang

The Murph Scares Me; So Let’s Get Prepared
The Simple(r) Mini Murph
(A Dora based exercise between a group of 3 Pax)

  1. One Pax will run around the playground area.
  2. A second Pax will be doing as many LBCs as possible in during that lap
  3. The final Pax will be pumping out as many of the following exercises as possible to reach the allotted number of each. The Pax will tally their numbers to get there.
    1. Pull Ups (x100)
    2. Merican’s (Push Ups)(x200)
    3. Squats (x300)(modify up by doing them on the wobbly base)
  4. Mary: mosey back to Circle and call out other men to lead. We got in six different sets of core excercises this morning!


Because some things are worth preparing for God gave us fear.

It’s really quite simple. We wouldn’t do shit unless we saw something in it for us. This helps us survive in many cases, but can also prove to be a barrier to addressing areas of our lives that are unhealthy. Fear is produced by various things that trigger us emotionally and we have a fight, flight, or hide choice at that moment. There are undoubtedly times to all of those responses, but fear is particularly notorious for giving us reason to run when we should fight, or try to engage something when we really need to just sit there in it and let it pass.

Identify it, examine it and the effect it has on you (repeat if necessary), seek the best way you can respond to that situation that is triggering you and what would actually motivate you to action, and then do it. This sentence long process can and will take a lifetime of slowly learning one thing then another about our fearful hearts and unlearning and learning various aspects of truth and how it applies to our lives. This is the process we must fall in love with, though until heaven will always find our selfish finite selves in tension with.

The ultimate place we see this need for becoming connected to the process is in our sanctification from a sinful heart and flesh, and the motivation that drives it is found in the gospel that both makes it possible by propitiation and imputation (look those words up!). That one man had enough empathy and fear for another to whom He owed nothing that He gave his life for that other men – for all other men. We are called to fear that which we had to be made holy before and that our sinful bodies are not capable of not sinning and disappointing our great and merciful God.

So what we do out here is small, but we come together to fight fears of guilt, shame, loneliness, sadness, bad health – all of these and more have driven us to prepare by attendance; by doing the hardest part of getting out of the bed each morning we work out. And that sets the precedence for the rest of our day(s). May we not operate without fear, for where would any motivation be found!? Get to know yourself, and let us interact with fear well as we come away with a motivation that won’t as easily falter.

Cheers to a fear-filled day – HIM!


Don’t challenge the old guys to a pull-up contest. Damn.


Murph and Fallen 5 Ruck; see Slack for details.

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