Sacrifice (not in a Creed sort of way…)

QIC: Whittler

Date: 05/25/2019

PAX: Fissure, Geek Squad, The Count (Respect), Goose, Fly-by, Sunburn (Respect), Daisy (Willy Loman), Ringwald, Best in Show (Respect), Cowbell, Laces Out (Respect)

AO: The Landfill




Disclaimer was given on the fly as we mosey along the light poles, stopping about every 5th pole

10 Imperial Walkers, 8 CBB x 1

20 3rd grade exercise, 10 IW, 8 CBB x 2

30 arm circles, 20 TGE, 10 IW, 8 CBB x 3

40 SSH, 30 AC, 20 TGE, 10 IW, 8 CBB x 4

The Thang

Originally designed as a County Fair/Circus theme, I realized there was no theme

7 of Diamonds

7 Merkins per corner, run between corners

14 Squats per corner

21 LBC per corner

28 calf raises per corner

21 LBC per corner

14 squats per corner

7 merkins per corner

Mosey to Playground for 3 ring circus

PAX #1 did 10 swing crunches while PAX 2 did BBSU and PAX 3 did monkey humpers AMRAP.  Repeated 3x

Mosey up to the soccer field where some fortuitous sandbags were placed

Teams of 3 – One PAX carries sandbags across field while others do merkins.  Go until 3 carries have been done by each PAX

Sand bag carry up and down the hill – same idea, just on a hill

Cool down Indian Run

Mary in the Pavilion

Baby Shark x 2 minutes

Pickle Pounders



Reverse PP



YHC wanted to talk about sacrifice.  This weekend is about sacrifice.  We are able to enjoy a free workout in a public park because of the sacrifices of those before us.  Memorial Day represents the sacrifice that our military made for us in order to have the freedoms that we have.  Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live on this Earth.  Sacrifice occurs all around us.  I challenged the PAX to figure out how they could sacrifice for someone else this weekend.  


It was great to have Best in Show back in the fold

The 80s rock was strong and the speaker provided a nice coupon for the day

Apparently Ringwald’s lady wants him to get rubbed down by a dude later.  Poll was taken as to whether this was weird or not.  (YHC confirmed that getting a rub down by a dude is weird)


The Murph

Fallen Five Ruck July 13th

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