30 for 30 Special

QIC: Geek Squad
Date: 05/30/2019
PAX: Mr.Clean, Milkman, Hector, U-Turn, Ducktales, Snowflake
AO: The Huey


68 degrees



SSH x 30
Good Mornings/3rd Grade Exercises x 30
LB arm circles forward then backward x15
Moroccan Night Club x 30
Overhead Presses x 30
Cherry Pickers x 15
Windmill x 30
Willie Mayes Hayes X 15 each leg
A. Kickers x 30
SSH x 30
Indian Run from Startex around track, over the bridge and to the back parking lot.

The Thang

The Pax each lined up at one of 6 stations in back parking lot for a total of 3 rounds. First station is Burpees (R1=15, R2=10, R3=5). Everyone else as many reps (with concrete block) as possible at other stations. Switch stations once burpees are completed and HIM at that station yells, “Rotate”.

Parking Lot Beatdown (3 Circuits)

Station 1 – Burpees (R1=15, R2=10, R3=5).
Station 2 – Full Extension Curls
Station 3 – Overhead Press
Station 4 – Half Extension Curls
Station 5 – Kettle Bell Swings
Station 6 – Tricep Extensions

Bleacher Hops (OYO)

Frog Jump up concrete bleachers (4 jumps), walk back down rinse and repeat 6 x, next return coupons at back parking lot, finally, mosey back to startex.


SSH x 30
Windmill x 15
Heel touches x 30
Freddy Mercury x 15
American Hammer x 30
Flutter Kicks x 15
Examiners x 15
LBCs x 15
SSH x 30


Prayer defined by defiance, discipline and endurance. Daniel 6:10. Daniel thrown into Lions Den for setting an example of consistent prayer life. It is counter cultural and when we pray to honor and please our audience of one, HE will remain faithful to take care of our greatest needs!
These same principles can also develop mental toughness to push through a workout!  1) Defiance toward what your mind says impossible 2) discipline yourself to wake up and push yourself regularly 3) Endurance – It’s a marathon, not a sprint.