Run with Pyramids

QIC: Mrs. Baker

Date: 06/01/2019

PAX: 9 Volt, Sidewinder, Deep Dish, Snooze Button, Rug Doctor, Mustang, Fastlane

AO: The Battery


So Nice. Sunny and summer like.


Short 400 yd mosey and leg focused stretching and warmup.

10x very slow squats, 10 count forward fold, OYO deep squat stretch, 10x Abe Vigoda, 10x Willie Mayes Hayes

The Thang

Run / Pyramid

OYO 10 merkins/1 squat, 9 merkins/2 squats, 8 merkins/3 squats… 1 merkin /10 squats

Group Run 1 mile out and back with fastest man picking up each PAX on return

OYO: 10 burpees/1 lunge, 9 burpees/2 lunges, 8 burpees/3 lunges, 6 burpees/5 lunges, 4 burpees/7 lunges, 2 burpees/9 lunges, 1 burpee/10 lunges

Group Run 3/4 mile out and back with fastest man picking up each in turn on return

OYO: 0 situps/1 merkin, 9 sit-ups/2 merkins, 8 sit-ups/3 merkins… 1 sit-up/10 merkins

run 3/4 mile

OYO: 10 squats/ 1 SSH, 9 squats/2 SSH… 1 squat/10 SSH

run 1/2 mile

OYO: 10 merkins / 1 lunge, 9 merkins/2 lunges, 8 merkins/3 lunges… 1 merkin/10 lunges

More was available, but the hour expired and everyone agreed we had plenty.


QIC was generally spent, but commented on his Thankfulness for the HIM of The Battery for the ongoing encouragement and support. F3 has turned out to be a highlight of my week and that is attributed to each of you. Thanks Men.


PAX were generally quiet, but several comments and a pause for the cause related to a Friday hot wing buffet and apple pie ala mode.


Mustang swore into the US Navy this week and currently has a March 2020 shipping date to Basic.  He is signed up for Nuclear Propulsion and everyone congratulated him on his path.

PAX were encouraged to support Hacksaw on Friday and continue EH our 1-3 time Posters to get them back in the fold.  Rug Dr plans to post a spreadsheet with missing PAX so we can EH the men we brought in.

Also keep up the Wednesday and Saturday posting through the summer.

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