Oh, what a plank-tacular morning

QIC: Sunshine

Date: 6/18/2019

PAX: Skitch, Early Bird, WuzntMe, Blindside, Whittler, Prosciutto, Goose, Red Tees, Moneyball, Laces Out, Back Pew, Steam Engine, Ringwald

AO: Hill City


Wet and humid in the mid-70s.


Side straddle hop x20

Shadow jump rope x30

Willy Mays Hayes x10

3rd grade exercise x10

Arm circles forward x15

Arm circles backward x15

Cross arm circles x10 (each side)

Moroccan night club x10

Windmills x15

The Thang

Working the core with a smorgasbord of planks.

Plank jack>Jog up the hill, jog down>

Half-burpee>Jog up the hill, jog down>

Donkey kicks>Jog up the hill, jog down>

Plank butt kick>Jog up the hill, jog down>

Plank window washer>Jog up the hill, jog down>

Mountain climbers>Jog up the hill, jog down>

Peter Parkers>Jog up the hill, jog down>


Pickle pointers x20

Dying cockroach x20

Heel touches x20


Pay attention to what makes you happy, and it will likely involve being around others in a community. Internet communities are no replacement.


Once again, Hill City is the place to be when rain is forecasted. Except for the excessive sweat, every PAX stayed dry.


July 4 Convergence coming up; as is the Fallen Five Ruck. Prosciutto also has a volunteer opportunity for anyone handy.

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